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What is a Demolition Bond?

A demolition bond is a contract for someone to make sure that the job will be completed as agreed upon. It involves three parties: The Obligee, who needs protection from not having what they paid for. The Surety Bond Provider, or demolisher of the property which ensures compliance with the agreement and third party insurance companies are involved in case there's an issue over ownership rights on site.

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A performance bond is an agreement that guarantees the completion of a project or contract. It's also known as a "performance guarantee" and it can be used in many different industries such as demolition, construction, and more.

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What does a demolition contractor do?

Demolition Contractor - The logo shows a contractor holding his concrete drilling equipment in an off white colored background.

Demolition contractors are responsible for inspecting and removing hazardous materials like asbestos to prepare the site for destruction. They also disconnect utilities, eliminate rodents, obtain necessary permits and make sure that everything is in order before taking down a building.

What is a demolition notice?

A demolition notice is a document that states the intention to demolish all or part of a building. When handing in your demolition notice, you will need to inform the Local Authority before carrying out any work on-site for safety reasons and legal purposes.

How long does a demolition notice last?

The purpose of a Demolition Notice is to end any existing Right to Buy claims and refuse new applications. The notice will be valid for up to 24 months, which should provide ample time so that the landlord can come into compliance with current legislation.

How long does a demolition notice take?

Six weeks notice to the Local Authority Building Control is generally required before demolition can begin. Learn our How much does a Construction Performance Bond cost?

Do you need planning permission to demolish?

A demolition project can be complicated. It is a structural alteration, so it requires the application for Planning Permission with your local council before undertaking work on site.

What is total demolition?

Total demolition is the elimination of any and all structures in one area. This can be done by using tools such as mechanical equipment to tear down buildings or other kinds of machinery that will do it for you.

What is Section 80?

The Section 80 Demolition Notice is an important tool for building owners. This notice, also known as the notice of intended demolition means that when a property owner wishes to demolish their buildings or parts thereof they will need to let the Local Authority know before carrying out any destruction.

Who knew that some buildings do not require notification for demolition? 

Buildings under 1750 cubic feet, attached greenhouses, conservatories or sheds all don't need to be notified before they are demolished. Read our How long does it normally take to have a Performance Bond issued?

Do you need an F10 for demolition?

An F10 is a form that must be submitted to the HSE if your project falls into notifiable works under Construction (Design and Management) Regulations Act 2007 regulations.

When should an F10 be submitted?

Construction projects are notifiable if the project is expected to last 30 working days or more, and have at least 20 workers on site. Construction work that lasts longer than 500 person-days also needs notification of a construction management plan.

Who is responsible for submitting the F10 form? 

The contractor (or principal contractor if there are more than one) and the principal designer, where they have an agreement to carry out client duties. Get a How Long Does a Performance and Payment Bond Last?

How is demolition cost calculated?

Demolition of a commercial space can be an expensive endeavor, and the costs vary depending on square footage. The national average is usually pegged at $4-8 per sq ft with most projects costing between $10-$20k for a 200sqft project (assuming all demolition work).

So, how much should I charge for demolition work?

The cost to demolish a house per square foot ranges anywhere from $2 and up. For example, in rural areas the average is between $4-15 while densely populated city's prices are usually around an average of$3-$18 thousand dollars (depending on size).

Can I demolish an outbuilding?

If you want to demolish your outbuilding, first check if the Council has restricted this. You can contact a local planning agent or the Council directly if needed.

What qualifications do you need for demolition?

Age: 18 or over. Qualifications needed? You might need GCSEs in maths, English and design technology to get the job! See our How Long is Coverage under a Performance Bond?

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