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What is the City of San Antonio Demolition Contractor Bond?

The city of San Antonio Development Services Department requires all demolition contractors to be bonded. In order for them to operate, they must purchase and submit a $5,000 bond before receiving the appropriate licenses and permits from the department.

City of San Antonio requires a Demolition Contractor Bond in the amount of $5,000.

A demolition contractor bond is required for any person or entity that performs demolition work on property within the city limits.

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Do you know why demolition contractors need to be bonded?

The main reason for this is that it protects consumers. If a contractor were to, say, damage property by not fixing something correctly or incorrectly causing the structure of a building to fall down and cause damages up $5k in value then an insurance company will pay out money on behalf of the harmed consumer until they're fully compensated!

Why is it important for a contractor to be bonded?

It's important for any contractor to be bonded because it protects the consumer. This way, if a contractor fails or doesn't pay for permits and other financial obligations then you're protected as well!

How much will this Bond cost?

You'll have to pay a different amount of money for your Demolition Contractor Surety Bonds depending on the factors including how much you need, what type it is and other things that will change its price. Find a South Houston Peddlers & Solicitors Bond.

Does the state of Texas require a license for demolition?

In order to demolish any building, including structures or parts thereof in your area you need to get an official permit from Building Inspection. However, if it is only remodeling work that does not include alteration or repair on top of new construction then no special permits are needed.

What do demolition contractors do?

Demolition Contractors prepare sites for demolition by performing inspections and removing hazardous materials like asbestos. They are also responsible for disconnecting utilities, eliminating rodents, obtaining necessary permits and making sure there is no one in the building before they start their work.

How much should I charge for demolition work?

The cost to demolish a house ranges anywhere from $2 – 17 per square foot. The average is typically between $4 and 15, but may be more expensive in densely populated cities or rural areas. Get a Emporia Contractor Bond.

Who is responsible for completing the job?

When a contractor fails to abide by any of the contractual conditions, they are held liable with their surety. As such, it's important that anyone who hires them has in place an insurance policy which covers both parties should anything go wrong.

Why would a contractor be bonded and insured?

A contractor is typically both bond-e (or covered by bonds) as well as insurance, for protection against professional negligence claims. The surety will pay the claim first before being reimbursed from your contract – unlike an insurance company that you have to reimburse yourself after paying out a claim.

How can you protect yourself from uninsured contractors? 

You should always request proof of a license and Certificate of Insurance with Blanket AI (Additionally Insured) and workers compensation. The property owner has the right to call their insurance company for verification that it is valid. Learn about Wichita – Contractor Bond – Air Conditioning & Warm Air Heating (Class A-C ) HVAC.

What Are the Risks of Hiring an Unlicensed Contractor?

This may cause a myriad of problems. For example, they cannot get permits because their work is not inspected and it might not be up to local code. If they improperly install an appliance like say a water heater which then explodes, your insurance will no longer cover that incident!

How do I get my money back from an unlicensed contractor?

The first option for getting your money back from an unlicensed contractor is to go to Small Claims Court. If that does not create a viable solution, determine which fix works best for your circumstances like hire an Attorney, file a complaint with the State, or post reviews. Read about Austin Right of Way / Excavation Bond.


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