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What is a Special License Agent Bond in Alabama?

A Special License Agent Bond is a type of license bond. The purpose of the bond is to protect the state or governmental entity for certain things, such as the payment of taxes.

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How Much does a Special License Agent Bond Cost in Alabama?

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How do I get a Special License Agent Bond?

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How Does this Process Work in Alabama?

Once we get the Special License Agent Bond application back from you, we process it right away. We typically have an answer within a few hours. Once you get approved, we’ll let you know the exact fee. Then:

  • You send us the fee
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  • For certain bonds, we may send you original forms to fill out (depends on the type of bond)

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Find out more about our Permit and License Bonds

Clear-Cut Advice When Looking At Permit Surety Bonds Described

Before you begin a business or any operation that involves making profit, you need the government's approval. It's a guarantee to your customers that your company or professional service complies with the governing rules approved by the government. You are then protecting your clientele by simply following the government's rules and regulations. Therefore, to prove that you are running an honest, legal business, you'll need a license. In connection with obtaining a license to operate, you need to understand that you might also need to obtain a license and permit bond. Know that the government's regulations and rules are firm and strict, as a result it is essential to adhere them to prevent any quandaries due to failure to comply. Here's a simple guide for you to know further the necessity for surety bonds. We also include tips on how to get a permit bond.

license bonds

Other Kinds of Bonds

License And Permit Bonds

License and permit surety bond is the most common type of bond. Bonds are important factors that many professionals or corporations need to remember before their organizations. One of the governing rules that lots of experts or companies need to comply prior to beginning their operation is obtaining a license. Before beginning your operation, it's essential to find out first the demands of the government related to your business or profession. In order to get a complete info on what you need to do, you are going to need to obtain a license and permit bonds. It defines all the limitations clearly making sure to include all the consequences of preventing them. Using this license and surety bond, you may get your license or permit to run your company in Kansas. One major illustration of a license and permit bond is the contractor license bond.

Performance Bond

Having a performance bond is essential to be able to get a guaranteed, quality assured infrastructure project. When you hire a contractor to build a building for you, you will need assurance that he or she will offer you the exact results you expect. The construction can be successful in lots of cases due to the indemnity of a performance bond. In addition, you'll still be reimbursed for a specific percentage of the project should it fail, and even get another contractor to carry on the project. The bond defines the amount of compensation that you'll need.

Importance Of License And Permit Bonds

Do you know the benefits of obtaining a license and permit bonds when interesting an expert or company to a specific project?

Flawless Systematic Work

According to the requirements of the government, there are certain rules and procedures to be followed in doing a systematic work. License bonds allow define the systematic flow of processes, for instance in construction. This systematic flow of processes must then be adhered to by the contractor you hired for the project.


Permit bonds serve as an insurance to clientele who involved professional help. This means that if a specialist is unable to deliver as promised, the client will get compensation. If a professional is unable to provide what he or she promises, you should sue his or her bond and you will get compensation totaling to the bond's specifications.

Looking for A License And Permit Bond

It's not difficult to get a license and permit bond. It's a simple process presented only by approved government bodies. We detail the whole procedure of acquiring a license and permit bond in this section.

Online Form

If you choose to apply for license and permit bonds online, you should first need to obtain an access because most authorized issuing companies have a secured login website. You can use both mobile and PC devices to gain access to the online form, but of course, you should be connected to an Internet server because you will search it from a browser. Even so, for the best experience and most efficient view, it is advisable to make use of a computer. Once you access the platform, you'll fill out a form immediately. It's not difficult to fill out the form. It's because there are instructional guides that indicates whether the fields are necessary or optional.

A Quote

You are going to get a quote after you have finished filling out the form. The quote indicates the amount of the bond, which you have to pay. It also tells you that you've got successfully applied for the bond.


You will need to make the payments after you get the quote, using the available mode of payment indicated in the issuing company's website. In return, all your company or professional operation shall be insured.

Important Facts

Knowing the info about license and permit bonds is vitally important. To help you find out more about the license and permit bonds, here are some essential facts for you. Insuring a construction project, for instance, doesn't show that you should pay the entire cost of the project. Only relative amount is needed, with respect to the percentage stated therein. In fact, it might only charge a fee with about 1% of the whole rate if you purchase a bond worth a million dollars for instance. Another fact that you should know is that a bond is different from a company license. It's rather an insurance to the clients you're working with that their projects are secured and insured as mandated by the government's existing rules and regulations. The bonds, as a result, improve the trust of your clients' that you are going to supply the best probable result for the projects you engaged with them.

It's essential to know all the rules and regulations of the government with regards to supplying professional and construction services. One of these is the need for a license and permit bond, which is essential to make certain that you gain your clients' trust and confidence for the merchandise and services that you offer.

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