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How to file a Claim on a Performance Bond?

A claim can be made if three conditions are met. The owner must formally declare a contractor in default, the contractor has actually been found to have breached their contract obligations and fulfilled all of their own duties under that agreement, and finally both parties should make sure they comply with any written agreements or contracts as laid out before them by law.

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If so, then this article is for you! We'll walk through the process of filing a claim on your performance bond.

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How do you collect on a performance bond?

There are a few different ways to collect on your performance bond. You can either go in person, or you may call them up and ask for the funds over the phone with your bank information ready.

What is a performance guarantee in construction?

A performance guarantee is a requirement that the contractor will pay for any additional costs incurred by the client if they do not complete their work according to what was agreed. See a How to fill out a Performance Bond Application?

Why is a performance bond required?

Performance bonds are a surety bond that guarantees adequate completion of the project. They can identify what kind of work they want done and in what timeframe, which means they can hold contractors accountable.

What is a performance bond claim?

A performance bond is an agreement between the contractor, obligee and surety. The principal must investigate whether the claim filed by the requesting party is valid.

What happens when a performance bond is called?

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As a designated surety, you have the responsibility to cover any default on contract terms or conditions. If your client declares themselves in default and terminates their obligation under the bond agreement, then it is up to you as the guarantor of this performance bond to meet these obligations by using funds from your own accounts.

Do you get your money back on a performance bond?

Need a refund on your performance bond? If you never submitted it to the Obligee and can send in an original copy, some companies might be able to give back a full or partial refund.

In most states, if you cancel before six months is up (some are more lenient), then any money paid for renewal will also get returned pro-rated at that time. Need a How to be released from a Performance Bond?

Is it hard to get a performance bond?

In most cases, you will first need to obtain a bid bond before bidding on a project. Only after winning the project would you need to pick up a performance bond for the project. The process is not too difficult and it doesn't take long either!

Where can I buy a performance bond?

Performance bonds are among the most common construction contract bonding, and can be issued in conjunction with payment bonds. To request a free quote for your performance bond - apply online or call one of our experts today!

What triggers a performance bond?

A performance bond is a form of insurance. It's usually provided by an outside company or bank to make sure you complete your contract obligations, because the risk they assume that we'll fail can be very costly for them and us!

When can you release a performance bond?

Do you release a performance bond when the work is done? No. Generally a performance bond remains in effect until after either making good any defects or finishing the task on time. Read about How to complete a Public Performance Bond form?

What does a performance bond cost?

The range for the price of bonds can be anywhere from 1% to 2%. This will depend on what company you're contracting with. Generally, however, it tends to hover around 1%, and this is why they are sometimes called "1-percenters."

Who does a performance bond protect?

A performance bond is an agreement between a contractor and their client, typically designed to protect the owner. It's essentially insurance for both parties: if the contractor fails in any way during construction or design of a project, they're responsible for making up for it with funds from this bond until its completion.

How long does a performance bond last?

In this article, we'll explore the performance bond and how long it lasts. You can find out what your renewal time is after you purchase a bond by checking with the company that issued yours - not to mention there's even some cases where bonds don't renew at all! Find a How to calculate a Performance Bond?

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