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What is a Resident Fund Surety Bond in Kansas?

A Resident Fund Surety Bond is a type of license bond. The purpose of the bond is to protect the state or governmental entity for certain things, such as the payment of taxes.

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How Much does a Resident Fund Surety Bond Cost in Kansas?

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How do I get a Resident Fund Surety Bond?

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How Does this Process Work in Kansas?

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Find out more about our Permit and License Bonds

Inside Major Standards When Looking At Permit Bonds

It is important to have an approval from the government before starting a professional or business operation. The government has to approve that your company is legal and that it follows all the appropriate regulations and rules. you have to then recognize that the key pointer here is that following the rules thereby protect your customers, which you serve. The license to operate is a proof that the items and services you offer is legal and reputable. In connection with acquiring a license to operate, you must understand that you might also need to obtain a license and permit bond. Realize that the government's rules and regulations are business and strict, therefore it is essential to adhere them to prevent any quandaries due to failure to comply. Here is a simple guidebook for you to know further the need for surety bonds. Here you could also learn the useful ways about how to get a permit bond.

Contractor License Bond

Figuring out License And Permit Bonds

There are different kinds of license and permit surety bond. Fundamentally, the kind of bond that you'll need may depend upon the nature of your business. The kind of bonds differ according to purpose and how it could protect the clientele.

Kinds of Surety Bonds

The following are a few of the most typical types of surety bonds:

The primary purpose of license and permit bond is to help the consumers recover specific sum of money should the contractor is unable to supply, and also to give them the right to sue the failing contractor. If you fail to conduct as you will need to, the customers can report your bond, which will result in investigation, which in turn leads legal action. As a company owner or manager, you are going to be responsible for the processes that your company follows and the legal conditions governing these processes. You have to not bend the law.

Performance bonds are another common kind of surety bonds. Its main purpose is to help the clientele have an insured project. In an infrastructure project, for instance, delivery of quality project result is necessary. Remember that part of providing quality services is being able to offer the required specifications of the project. The advantage of having a performance bond is that the client will be able to recover particular amount of the whole project cost because of the contractor's non-compliance. Specially, the contractor has no apparent reason not to be able to supply the project result prescribed in a contract agreement, which is secured by the performance bond. It's because he or she has the skills, knowledge and tools to execute the operation. Failure to do that could prove otherwise. Nonetheless, the consumer will not suffer any loss.

Importance Of License And Permit Bonds

Do you know the benefits of obtaining a license and permit bonds when interesting an expert or company to a certain project?

Flawless Systematic Work

According to the requirements of the government, there are specific rules and procedures that must be followed in doing a systematic work. Let us take for example a construction project, the systematic flow of processes are described in the license bonds. When you hire a contractor, he or she has to adhere to this system.


Permit bonds serve as an insurance to consumers who involved professional help. Should the project breaks down, the customer will get considerable amount of settlement because of the quandary brought on by the professional's failure to supply. The client, as a result, recovers certain sum of money from the failed engagement due to the incapability of the professional to deliver what he or she has promised.

Obtaining A License And Permit Bond

It is not tough to get a license and permit bond. It only involves simple procedure, but you need to make certain that you get it from an authorized issuing company. When getting a license and permit bond, here are some of the measures that you have to follow.

Online Form

First, you will need access to the website providing the license and permit bonds. Using your mobile or PC devices, you can access the form by looking through a web browser. Therefore, you must be connected to an Internet server in order to access the online form. Ideally, using a computer gives you a better view and experience in browsing through these online forms. You could fill out a form right away once you have accessed the platform. On this form, you'll get recommendations on the essential info and the optional fields that you could ignore.

A Quote

You will get a quote within seconds. This quote will define the payment that you need to pay for the bond. It also indicates whether the application is successful or in case there are still fields that you must fill out.


Using the available payment channels in the issuing company's website, you should then make the payments after obtaining the quote. Now, you are assured to have an insured construction project.

Essential Facts About The License And Permit Bonds

Payment Rates

The rates of bonds may vary based on the type of bond that you have to obtain. But, it doesn't cover the entire project cost, only a relative percentage. The most common rate is about 1% of the insured portion stated in the bond.

Licensing Power

The bond serves as your client's right to sue you in case of non-compliance. The bond is, therefore, an insurance which you pay in behalf of the clients to ensure them that you are going to provide the service or infrastructure project they need.

It's important to know all the regulations and rules of the government with regards to giving professional and construction services. Use the appropriate means to get what you will need for your company to thrive and obtain a license or permit.

See our Kansas STAMP Signature Guarantee Bond page here.

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