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What is a Combative Sports for Gross Receipts Bond in Texas?

A Combative Sports for Gross Receipts Bond is a type of license bond. The purpose of the bond is to protect the state or governmental entity for certain things, such as the payment of taxes.

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How Much does a Combative Sports for Gross Receipts Bond Cost in Texas?

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How do I get a Combative Sports for Gross Receipts Bond?

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How Does this Process Work in Texas?

Once we get the Combative Sports for Gross Receipts Bond application back from you, we process it right away. We typically have an answer within a few hours. Once you get approved, we’ll let you know the exact fee. Then:

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Texas Combative Sports for Gross Receipts Bond Application Form Fill this out and mail to [email protected]

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Find out more about our Permit and License Bonds

Step-By-Step Easy Advice When Looking At Contractor License Bonds

License bonds and permit bonds are essentials needed by a government body. These bonds are essential to help the government prove that all corporations within their territory abide by the general guideline that governs business functions. Consequently, it's necessary for any business or professional to obtain these bonds before starting their processes. These bonds provide the government a guarantee that all governing rules set related to their business or profession is effectively adhered to. These bonds also make it less difficult for the government to identify any professional or business who failed to comply with the governing rules. As a result, it is essential that a business or professional get the bond. On this article, we help explain some information about license and permit bonds, including how you can get a permit bond.

permit bonds

License and Permit Surety Bonds

The type of bond that you'll need is dependent upon the kind of business operation that you've got. This section explains other kinds of surety bonds that you may enjoy and their purposes.

The most common type of surety bond that you might need for your business is the permit surety bond. But, before you get this bond, you need to understand first the local laws and regulations that cover the engagement of professional services in Kansas, as one example. Keep in mind that the government must make certain that your operations is compliant to the existing laws in order to give you an authority to operate. Once your company starts, the clients you serve will be the eyes of the government. If you fail to stick to the governing rules, the consumer is also given the right to sue your bond. Due to your non-compliance, your client will then be compensated. You, alternatively, will suffer the consequences of breaking the law. Under this certain type of bond, there are also several different sub-types. One good example is the contractor license bond.

You may also enjoy performance bonds. A performance bond is an excellent type of insurance for the customer that chooses to employ an expert for a specific task, for instance, construction. This insures the quality of the project because the contractor is instructed to meet all the demands of the project mentioned in the contract. Since the contractor has all the appropriate skills and knowledge to facilitate the needs of the client, he or she shouldn't fail. If the contractor defaults, the bond will act, as insurance and the consumer will get a compensation of that amount. They're going to also get a replacement contractor because of the contractor's non-compliant.

Importance Of License And Permit Bonds

Now that you have learned why you should get a license and permit bond, the next thing you should learn is the significance of securing your business with these bonds.

Flawless Systematic Work

Based on the requirements of the government, there are specific rules and processes to be followed in doing a systematic work. For a construction project, as an example, license bonds define the step-by-step processes of the different processed to be done. The contractor who is engaged to this operation must then follow this system.


Permit bonds are a surety that guarantees customers to get the results they need. It means that if a specialist fails to deliver as promised, the customer will get compensation. If a professional does not manage to provide what he or she promises, you have to sue his or her bond and you are going to get compensation totaling to the bond's specifications.

Actions Involved In The Application

It is not tough to apply for a license and permit bond as long as you stick to the right processes. Here's a list of approved measures that you should follow when obtaining you license and permit bonds.

The Online Form

Filling out the application form is the first step that you need to do. You can find this online application form through an approved issuing company that's highly recommended by many users. This implies that you should not only choose a platform that has the application form, but also ensure that it has verification. Be honest when filling out the form for it might result in serious predicament if you don't.

Obtaining A Quote

After you have submitted the application form, you are going to then get a quote stating the amount linked to the surety bond you are applying. As a result, the amount you have to pay for the bond is already presented in the quote. You'll not get a quote if you haven't submitted the application form or if the application failed.


After getting a quote, the next step can be the actual payment. You can only obtain a license and permit bond after you have paid the issuing company.

While Filling The Form;

Don't attempt to fabricate the information you'll provide to the bond. The honest info you provide will keep you out of trouble. Keep in mind that the government is skeptic with regards to legal documents. Also, you'll need to provide financial information associated to the bond, which makes it impossible for you to fake it.

Essential Facts

When venturing into construction projects, it's very important to understand the details of license and permit bonds. To help you further appreciate this matter, here is a brief discussion for you. Generally, the amount of a performance bond will not be equivalent to the entire amount of the project cost. You are going to only be required to insure a specific portion of the project, which is equal to considerable amount of money. For example, when buying a bond worth a million dollars, you are going to only pay 1% of the entire rate. Secondly, you need to know that a bond is not the same as a company license or permit. It's only an assurance to the clients you serve that the projects they are venturing into with your service or products are insured. With that in mind, it's safe to state that the license and permit bond is an insurance for your clients, for which you pay.

When planning to engage in construction projects, it's essential to learn all the regulations of the government. One of these is the need for a license and permit bond, which is necessary to make sure that you gain your clients' trust and confidence for the products and services that you offer.

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