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What is a Public Right of Way Bond in Shawnee?

A Public Right of Way Bond is a type of license bond. The purpose of the bond is to protect the state or governmental entity for certain things, such as the payment of taxes.

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How Much does a Public Right of Way Bond Cost in Shawnee?

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How do I get a Public Right of Way Bond?

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How Does this Process Work in Kansas?

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Find out more about our Permit and License Bonds

Clear-Cut Ideas When Thinking Of Permit Surety Bonds Clarified

It's necessary to have an approval from the government before beginning a professional or business operation. The government has to approve that your business is legal and that it follows all the appropriate rules and regulations. You're then protecting your consumers by simply following the government's rules and regulations. The license to function is a proof that the items and services you offer is legal and reliable. Before you get a license, nonetheless, you'll need a license and permit bond, which describes the laws and consequences. Understand that the government's rules and regulations are firm and strict, therefore it is important to adhere them to avoid any quandaries due to failure to comply. Here is a simple guide for you to understand further the necessity for surety bonds. We also include tips about how to obtain a permit bond.

Contractor License Bond

Determining License And Permit Bonds

There are different types of license and permit surety bond. Fundamentally, the type of bond that you need may depend upon the nature of your company. The difference is the function, and how the bond protects the client.

Kinds of Surety Bonds

Some of the most typical types of surety bonds include:

License and permit bond is a means for the government to make sure that you run your company as expected. If you fail to perform as you must, the clients can report your bond, which will result in investigation, which in turn leads legal action. As a company owner or manager, you are going to be accountable for the processes that your company follows and the legal conditions governing these processes. Never try to violate any laws.

Performance bonds, however, help the clients get insurance. In an infrastructure project, for example, delivery of quality project result is necessary. Keep in mind that part of giving quality services is being able to give the required specifications of the project. If you fail to meet your client's expectations, the customer will get settlement for the lost funds and another professional will require your place. It argues that with your knowledge, skill, and experience, you have to have the capacity to do what the customer requires. Failure to do that could prove otherwise. Nonetheless, the consumer will not suffer any loss.

The Advantages Of License Bonds

These are the benefits of license and permit bonds to a consumer.

To regulate the operations of organizations, the government requires the usage of license bonds to ensure that different operations are legally implemented. Any company or contractor need to comply with the existing laws in order to run their functions effectively. In Kansas, for example, the government demands the use of license and permit bond. This way, the consumers will get what they need.

Permit bonds are designed to protect the clients that they are going to get quality service or result of projects. As a result, it's vitally important for the contractors to make certain that they are going to deliver on the agreed date. In case the contractor does not manage to supply, the client still has the right to recover specific amount and doesn't incur any loss. Through the surety bond, the consumers are confirmed of a secured project agreement.

Looking for A License And Permit Bond

It's not difficult to get a license and permit bond. It is a simple process presented only by approved government bodies. Listed below are a few of the simple measures that you must follow when acquiring a license and permit bond.

Online Form

Approved issuing company has a secured login website. Consequently, you have to get an access first if you decide to get it online. You will need a device that has an internet connection and a web browser to access the form. In browsing through these online forms, alternatively, it is typically advisable to use a computer rather than a mobile device. When you access the platform, you are going to fill out a form immediately. Don't be afraid to fill out the form. It's because there are guides that tell you whether you are instructed to fill out the fields or you have an option not to.

A Quote

Within seconds, you will get a quote. The quote indicates the amount of the bond, which you should pay. It also proves that the application was a success.


Using the available payment channels in the issuing company's website, you must then make the payments after obtaining the quote. Now, you are assured to have an insured construction project.

Essential Facts About The License And Permit Bonds

Payment Rates

The rates of bonds may vary with regards to the type of bond that you have to get. Nonetheless, you are going to only be asked to pay certain amount with respect to the insured portion of the whole project cost. The most typical rate is about 1% of the insured portion mentioned in the bond.

Licensing Power

The bond serves as your client's right to sue you in case of non-compliance. This is why you should pay for a surety bond in behalf of your clients to protect their right in obtaining a sufficient service or project result.

When obtaining a bond, be sure that you get it from an authorized issuing company. Responsible action is to recognize the exact type of bond that works best for your company.

See our Wichita License and Permit Bond page here.

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