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How can you release a Performance Bond?

To get your money, call the bonding company that arranged it for you. Fill out and return their form so they know to cancel any residual obligations on your behalf. You will still owe them some fees when this is done (usually through an escrow account), but at least now there won't be anything stopping anyone from paying those fees!

If you're looking for a performance bond release, we can help.

Performance bonds are often required by clients to ensure that the contractor will complete their work on time and within budget. When the contract is completed, it's important to know how to get your money back from the client.

Swiftbonds provides professional advice on how to be released from a performance bond so you don't have any worries about getting paid at the end of a project.

When can you release a performance bond?

Generally, as with any construction contract, if there is no stated discharge date or making good any defects clause in your contract then you should expect to wait until after practical completion of works before receiving payment. Find a How does Plumbing service Performance Bond work?

Who issues a performance bond?

A performance bond, also known as a contract bond, is a surety issued by an insurance company or bank to guarantee satisfactory completion of the project. The term can denote collateral that secures futures contracts - commonly referred to as margin.

Can a performance bond be Cancelled?

A performance bond cannot be cancelled by any means. It is required for a number of reasons, and the obligee has to find out why their principal needs it before they can cancel it. Need a How does Payment and Performance Bond work?

Do you get your performance bond money back?

If a person or business violates the contract of a bond, they are unlikely to receive any funds for that particular payment. If an obligee fails to complete their end of the deal as agreed upon by both parties, then it is likely that this will fall on the surety and not them.

What happens when a performance bond is called?

A performance bond provides assurance that the obligee will be protected if the principal fails to perform. If they call on their surety for help with meeting obligations, then it can provide financial backing so that both parties in a contract are satisfied and have been given adequate protection.

How does a performance bond work?

So, how does a performance bond work? A performance bond is issued by one party to contract the other as an assurance against them failing their obligations under the agreement or delivering on the level of standards in place. Read a How does a Performance Bond work in Construction?

Who pays for the performance bond?

It is important to have a performance bond before you can proceed with your new construction project. Interest rates and the amount of money required for this type of protection are influenced by risk, so make sure that you've considered these factors when deciding on pricing.

How long is a bond good for?

There are many different types of bonds, and some don't have renewal periods. If you're looking for a bond that renews every year or two, be sure to double-check the details before purchasing!

What happens when a performance bond expires?

Performance bonds expire when the contract expires. However, a performance bond cannot be renewed or changed by the changes in contracts. They are only good for one use and will not affect any future contracts with that client if it expires before its time has come to an end.

What does a performance bond cover?

Performance bonds provide a safety net to ensure that contractors fulfill their obligations should they be unable to deliver the project. Here's a How do you set a Performance Bond amount.


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