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Why should you try and bond through Questions? - The banner shows three people talking with their documents in a round glass table.

Why these three Questions?

The best reason is that by using these questions is that you make the clients more involved, effective and powerful in the sales process.  Specifically, this will:

Motivate the client to do the talking

Clients - don't think of them as prospects, but instead as Clients - need to do the talking.  You need to make sure that you fight your normal instincts to talk about the product, to tell everything that you need to know about the product and all of your knowledge.  So instead of boring the client with all of your incredible knowledge, you need to get them to open up to you by asking pointed questions and listening to their answers.  The art of listening is the greatest art that you can have in selling.  By listening to them and then understanding their needs, you can gather to yourself enough goodwill to last a lifetime.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors

The best way to differentiate yourself is by asking questions and then listening to those answers.  There are lots of studies around that show that a majority of salesmen have no idea how to ask good questions, or how to ask good questions.  Once you learn how to ask intelligent, probing questions, you will immediately set yourself apart from your competition.

Show empathy for your clients

Once you start asking questions, you will immediately create a reputation as someone that can be trusted.  Your clients will be eager to talk with you.  Because most people want to jump to a solution - instead of listening to the problem - they lose that all-important credibility.  Before most people buy, they want to know that you can solve their problems.  The environment that you create with your customer will allow you to get the information that you need to solve their problems, which most salesmen are not able to uncover.

Help your client understand their needs while coming to their own conclusions

Many times, the answer will be clear to you way in advance of when your client will realize it.  No matter what you do, you must not tell your client what their problems are.  They need to go through the process of discovering it themselves.  Even the clients that know what their problems already are, you are going to have to ask probing questions to help bring that pain to the surface.  It is that pain that will help them try and discover a solution.

Guide the Client to Take Action

Once they know what their problems are and feel the pain that the problems cause, they will be ready to look for solutions.  Most likely, they will be looking to you to find a solution for that problem.

Figure out how you client makes purchasing decisions

One of the key parts in selling is selling to the right person.  You may become a master at selling, but if it's too the wrong person, then it won't matter.  But you want to use your selling techniques to not only find the pain, but to also to find the person that will be able to buy from you.

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