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Orange County, FL – Payment of Disposal Charges Bond - Large landfill site with solid waste being unloaded and spread.

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What is Disposal Fees Guarantee Bond?

For those who are looking to dispose of their waste and don't want any surprises, the County has a bond that guarantees payment. This way if you default on your payments for whatever reason, they still get paid–so it's like having insurance.

Need a Florida Payment of Disposal Charges Bond?

Swiftbonds offers disposal charges bonds that will protect your company from any penalties and fines associated with improper disposal of hazardous waste. We offer a variety of different bond types so you can find one that fits your needs best.

The cost of our bonds is affordable and competitively priced so there’s no need to worry about paying more than necessary for protection against these costly violations. Our team has years of experience in the industry which means we know what it takes to get the job done right!

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How does Disposal Bond work?

Disposal fees guarantee the bond of a surety company. The parties in this agreement are the Principal, Obligee and Surety Company (the provider).

The Surety will receive all claims made by members of their community if they fail to deliver agreed-upon services or violate any licensing provisions as per an issued contract with the obligee. Claims may only amount up to total penal sum arranged on form B for compensation purposes.

What is the purpose of pay-as-you-throw?

With pay-as-you-throw, residents are charged for the collection of municipal solid waste based on how much they throw away. This creates a direct economic incentive to recycle more and generate less trash in order to save money!

How do you figure out how much to tip?

Tipping fees are a way to reward service providers for all the work they do. Tipping fee rate (T) in Equation 2 is a ratio of four different costs, including transporting waste, managing temporary processing units and landfills. For every dollar spent on garbage services you can pay between 10-20% towards tipping rates depending how good or bad your trash provider has been!

How will the plastic ban affect the overall MSW management?

“As plastic consumption grew, the percentage of waste that is paper, metals and glass declined. This was due to plastics substituting for other materials in order to reduce overall weight as well as down-gauging reducing the amount needed.”

Does Pay as You Throw work?

The average non-PAYT U.S. household throws away three or four pounds of plastic trash bags per year; not only does that number decrease with PAYT, but a highly effective pay-as-you-throw program can increase the capture of recyclable plastics by 20 to 40 pounds per person every day!

What is a fee per bag system? 

It's an innovative way of recycling that will change the habits and mindsets of every single person. This revolutionary new idea in waste management, which can be traced back to ancient times when people would pay for each container they filled with trash, is changing our world as we know it!

Payment of Disposal Charges Bond - Waste management worker positions green bin on the automatic dumper at the back of the truck.

What is the Wastezero pay as you throw program?

The Wastezero pay as you throw program allows residents to only have an initial fee in order for them to dispose of all their trash. Trash is then weighed when it's disposed of and the resident pays accordingly by the bag, with a pre-paid sticker or tag on each one.

What are the different types of waste management?

There are eight major categories of waste management, and each category is divided into numerous sub-categories. The different types include source reduction and reuse, animal feeding, recycling composting, fermentation landfills, incineration or land application.

What is a tip fee?

A tipping fee is a charge for disposing of waste in landfills. This usually depends on the weight of your items, and can be passed down to you as a cost through fees or taxes from landfill owners! Here's Osceola County, FL – Solid Waste Franchise Performance Bond.

What is the goal of waste management?

The Waste Act, or The Purposeful Use of Natural Resources and Prevention Against Hazardous Disasters act. This legislation supports sustainable development by promoting rational use of natural resources and preventing dangerous disasters from hazardous wastes.

Are landfills expensive?

Landfills are expensive to use and can be costly for municipalities with solid waste problems. In the United States, landfills average at $53.72 per ton of MSW in 2020 which was a decrease from 2014's amount by 1.64 dollars per ton; perhaps due to recycling efforts decreasing landfill costs?

Why is it illegal to have open dumps? 

Open dump sites are not just a place for waste disposal. They can lead to many problems, including fires and explosions that cause injuries or death. Additionally, toxic gases from burning garbage pose serious health risks such as respiratory illnesses.

How do landfills charge?

Landfills charge by weight, but this can work in a few ways: Scenario 1- Paying per load. A “load” is defined as the amount of debris that weighs 200 pounds or more. This could be $60 for every load.

How long before we run out of landfill space?

A new study found the U.S has about 62 years left in its current facilities, but that can be increased by recycling and composting more garbage.

What happens to landfills after they are closed?

When a landfill is closed, it often remains buried with trash for years to come. The lack of oxygen and moisture in the environment means that items put into landfills stay there long after they've been covered over by dirt.

Are disposal fees taxable in Florida? 

Yes they are. Retail dealers must pay the fee, and if it is separately stated on an invoice then this amount should be included when calculating sales tax due from a sale of that particular product to customers. Read a FL – Professional Guardian ($50,000) Bond.

How much does it cost to drop stuff at the dump?

Dropping trash can be expensive. While most areas offer dumping services for a fee, those rates vary depending on your proximity to the landfill and what is being dropped off. Additionally, some cities will completely cover the cost of disposal if you are an active utility customer in that region which could save hundreds of dollars!

What are the 5 R's in waste management?

The five R's in waste management are refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle. This is an important methodology for businesses to follow so they can have a greener footprint on the planet by reducing their use of plastic products and increasing recycling efforts.

Does Waste Management Bill quarterly?

Waste Management bills quarterly for their services, and depending on the size of your container. For example, if you order a service with a larger bin – such as one that holds 240 gallons or more- then they will charge you $95 per quarter ($285/year). If not sure about what size to get, try using our handy estimator tool!

What are dump fees?

A tipping fee or a gate fee is what you pay when disposing of waste in the landfill. It's usually based on the weight of your trash per ton, and can be passed down to customers through fees or taxes if they're not careful about it.

Can you go to the dump and take things?

I'm no expert, but I think it's best if you don't. Most landfills have security forces making rounds after hours which could lead to trespassing charges or worse. The issue isn’t just trash there; most also hold close to $1M worth of equipment sitting around not one mention of LF offices. If anything metal-related is in your sights, be ready for some serious trouble with cops patrolling all night long at a landfill near me (really).

Why did my waste management bill go up?

There are many factors that can contribute to sudden changes in your monthly billing invoice, such as fluctuations in the nationally-reported price of fuel used by WM's vehicles. We also take into account increases or adjustments allowed under a customer's service agreement and will always send you an email notification when there is any change on this front.

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster for the day near me?

A lot of factors can affect how much you will pay when renting out your next big project. The size, shape and contents matter so if you are unsure what is best suited for your needs, contact us!

How much can fit in a 10 yard dumpster?

A 10 yard dumpster can hold a lot! Think about it — more than 50-70 plastic bags full of trash. It's not surprising that they weigh 2,000 to 4,000 pounds when filled. Get a Orange County, FL – Waste Tire Permit Performance ($1,000) Bond.

How do I figure out the size of the dumpster to get?

To calculate a dumpster's volume in cubic yards, you'll need its exterior dimensions. First measure it from end-to-end in feet (length x width x height). Then multiply those numbers together and divide them by 27 for an accurate estimate.

What is the smallest dumpster you can rent?

10 cubic yard containers are a cost-effective and popular option for small trash removal projects. A 10 yard container will often serve as your best choice if you're looking to dispose of household items, furniture or appliances at home.

What gets sent to landfill?

In most cases, landfills are municipal solid waste facilities that collect and bury whatever isn't being recycled or otherwise disposed of. This includes food waste, paper like newspapers and magazines, glass bottles from beer breweries as well as the many other recyclable materials such as plastics.

What is the environmental surcharge?

The Environmental Surcharge is what the government imposes on all companies in order to help keep our environment safe. This includes toxic and non-toxic chemicals that would otherwise pollute water, soil or air as well as money spent building roads for clean transportation such as buses and trains

Are environmental charges taxable?

Environmental charges are typically not a tax that you collect for the government agency. Instead, these fees are meant to defray your cost of disposing hazardous materials such as waste fluids and failed parts. Find a Orange County, FL – Process Server ($5,000) Bond.

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