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Okeechobee, FL - Street Opening Bond  - Street construction at the downtown district.

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What is Street Opening Permit Bond?

Street Opening Bonds are required for permits allowing excavation in any part of the right-of-way, and they serve as a guarantee that backfill will be done properly. The Street Opening Bond is not only meant to provide assurance but also guarantees good repairs on roads opened up by excavations over a two year period following completion of such work.

Need a Okeechobee, FL – Street Opening Bond?

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What is a Street Permit Surety Bond?

A street permit surety bond is a legally binding agreement between the contractor and municipality. It guarantees that all rules, regulations, ordinances, or statutes in regards to any permitted work on public way are met fully by the Principal.

What is a street obstruction bond?

If you feel the claim is exaggerated, your surety will help with due diligence and deny it. If they find that this invalidates any of their policies, including yours on permits or bonds, then we can work together to make sure everything goes smoothly! Have a FL – Professional Guardian ($50,000) Bond.

What is a street bond?

Street bonds have long been a way of funding public projects. Recently, these findings have increased in usage to improve major arterial roadways throughout the city with landscaping and other improvements such as lighting.

How do I know if I need a Street Permit Bond?

You may need a Street Permit Bond if you are contracted to work on public property. This is typically done by local municipalities and contractors will be informed of the requirement upon contract acceptance. Find a Orange County, FL – Waste Tire Permit Performance ($1,000) Bond.

What should I do in the event of a claim against my Street Permit Bond?

Every brokerage has to take care of its clients. If you are unable to find out what is happening, don't worry! The surety will handle any remittance on behalf of your client and they can help with all liability issues that arise. It's important for our customers (and ourselves) that we're always doing right by them so be careful when dealing anything outside this bond agreement lest it backfire later down the line. Read more about wrongful claims below:   -If someone files an incorrect or false complaint against me claiming damages from actions taken while working under my permit; then I am liable up front for these costs without having seen all evidence.

What if I have a false claim against my bond?

False claims have no effect on your surety or permit. As a company, you will continue to operate as usual while the claim is being investigated and resolved by your bond company.

Street Opening Bond - An excavator is on standyby after street works.

How can I avoid claims against my Street Permit Bond?

If you want to avoid claims on your Street Permit Bond, be sure that the top priority is avoiding them. If a claim arises in any way and needs to go through with reimbursement, it will result in an obligation of fulfilling obligations as well following all laws mandated by the bond agreement. It's always recommended for whatever issues arise before they become worse than they already are so there can't possibly be anything else holding back progress from being made!

Is it difficult to get a Street Permit Bond?

It's not hard to get a Street Permit Bond. This is an instant issue bond, meaning that you can receive it as soon as your application and payment are submitted. There isn't any underwriting required for this type of bond, so it should be pretty simple to apply! Read a Orange County, FL – Process Server ($5,000) Bond.

Why do I need a Street Permit Bond?

A contractor who will be working on public property is required to file a surety bond in order to protect the taxpaying public against financial damages that could arise if they violate their agreement, act fraudulently or cause issues arising from negligence and malfeasance.

Who is the obligee for my Street Permit Bond?

What's the point of a Street Permit Bond when you're not sure who will be collecting on it? Obligates vary by municipality and can include local, state or federal agencies. You'll need to investigate your particular project before deciding what type would work best for you!

How long will it take for me to get a Street Permit Bond? 

Swiftbonds issues Florida Street Permit Bonds instantly, meaning that you'll be able to start your business and not need any other permits as soon as we process the bond. All of our shipping options are available so if you're in a hurry or just want instant gratification from our 100% satisfaction guarantee then let us know!

Can I get a Street Permit Bond with bad credit?

The Instant Issue is a new type of bond that lets people get the necessary permits without having to worry about credit. Get a Orange County, FL – Payment of Disposal Charges Bond.

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