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Our friends at simplified safety have just posted a great article on OSHA and the job site.  It is important in that many people are afraid of OSHA (and rightfully so).  However, it's good to know what rules are those that you need to focus on at the job site.  Those rules are the key to proper compliance and safety.  So, as we want to keep people safe and we also want to focus on the job itself by keeping it running, this helps us to determine the best course of action.

OSHA - Is a Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This image show an important regulation with a yellow background and a logo.

Take a look.  Go to the web site and tell John Braun how much you appreciated the article.

When Can OSHA Shut Down My Jobsite?

When Can OSHA Shut Down My Jobsite? Yellow hard hat on blue background and architectural drawings

You’ve heard all the horror stories, right?  OSHA comes into a factory or onto a construction site and things are such a mess they immediately shutdown all operations.  Work stops.  That steel beam being lifted into place by that crane?  Leave it hanging.  Those trucks full of concrete?  Let them go to waste.  Shut down that assembly line and kill the lights.  The doors slam, chains go through the handles and a big, fat padlock gets slapped into place.

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Thanks for the great article, guys. It's really pretty scary what OSHA can do (all in a good cause, of course).
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