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What is an over axle or over gross weight permit ($15,000) bond?

An over axle or gross weight permit ($15,000) bond is an agreement to pay for any damages that a truck might cause when it's driving on the highway. It also allows movement of divisible commodities, and by posting this type of surety bond, principals pledge to make payment for all damage done.

Need a bond for your over axle or over gross weight load?

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Contact us today if you need a bond for your over axle or over gross weight load!

Why is this bond required?

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles issues annual over axle/over gross weight tolerance permits for the movement of divisible goods. As a part of the application process, they require that an applicant file their bond as well.

What is an oversized vehicle?

Oversized vehicles are any vehicle, as defined in the state's Vehicle Code, or a combination of connected vehicles (including but not limited to trailers), which exceeds 25 feet long and 82 inches tall. Here's Midland,TX-General Contractor ($10,000) Bond.

What is considered an overweight load?

A truck-trailer combination exceeding 80,000 lbs. gross weight would be classified as severely over the limit in terms of federal regulations for safe travel on paved roads and public thoroughfares; it takes one full day worth of work to reduce a divisible cargo without damage!

What are permit loads?

Permit loads are any load or vehicle that exceed the applicable length, width, height and weight limits. Non-divisible means that if a permit load is separated into smaller transports it would compromise its intended use by making them unable to perform their function for which they were created.

What is the widest load without a permit?

The maximum width of a load depends on how heavy it can be. The standard length for these types of trucks varies from 48 to 53 feet, but they are able to take up to 46000 pounds or even heavier if needed.

What's the difference between oversize load and wide load?

The difference between oversize loads and wide loads is often difficult to decipher. A shipment can be considered oversized based on either its width or weight, but it's not until those measurements meet the designation that you know for sure if a load qualifies as being one of these types.

What is the widest load allowed on a highway?

Though the sky's limit is often quoted, trucks can only take up 8.5 feet (102 inches) of road space and be no more than 53′ long in general depending on what truck type you use. Read a Brazos County, TX-Superheavy or Oversize Permit ($15,000) Bond.

Can you pass an oversized load?

If you're driving a large truck, navigating around tight spaces can be stressful. Don't worry though! P/EVOs are on the job to help warn drivers of upcoming lane changes and double-yellow line crossings–even continuing until traffic clears again. What is considered an overheight load?

What is the maximum weight limit?

The federal law for max gross vehicle weights and axle loads on the Interstate System, according to FMCSA, is 80 thousand pounds; 20 thousand lbs per single axle 34.5 tons per tandem group

What happens when a truck is overweight?

Heavy fines will be issued to drivers who cross the line. Drivers can receive up to $65 per pound for every excess ton on their trucks, with costs increasing by an extra $125/pound after 10,000 pounds of weight has been exceeded.

How do I know if my truck is overweight?

If you find the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) and also the gross trailer weight ratings, what's next to check? The combined GVWR. If all numbers are within these limits then it should be safe for your truck!

What happens if you're overweight at a weigh station?

If you're overweight at a weigh station, this officer will shut down your operation and force you to write him a check for funding his salary. He'll have another truck driver there in no time so he can unload it before leaving with yours!

What qualifies as an oversized load?

Trucks that are over 8.5 feet wide and 13-14 ft high qualify to be labeled as “oversize loads”. Have a TABC Conduct Surety Bond-Wine Only Package Store Permit (Q).

What are the hazards of driving near an oversized vehicle?

It's hard to avoid driving near an oversized vehicle in some places. It can be hazardous, though: truckers often overload their vehicles with too many tires or extra weight that could lead to a blowout.

What is considered a divisible load?

Divisible loads are any vehicles or combinations of vehicles transporting cargo that can be separated into units without affecting the physical integrity. These types of shipments have varying geometry and weight capacities, so careful planning is required to ensure a seamless transport experience.

What are non-divisible loads?

Non-divisible loads are anything that cannot be separated into units of less weight without affecting the physical integrity. Items like couches or a refrigerator would fall under this category, but other items may also fit in such as an old washing machine with no space for it to go inside your new tiny apartment's laundry room.

How much is an Overweight ticket in Texas?

You should know that the penalty for being overweight in Texas ranges depending on weight and severity. There is a very low fine between $100-$500, but then there are higher fines up to 1 thousand dollars or more if you're over 5,000 pounds heavy!

Who is responsible for an overweight vehicle?

You might be the one to blame, but it's not all on you. Before heading out on your day-to-day commute around town, stop and check each tire by firmly placing a foot against each wheel and pushing down hard enough so that they don't bounce back up again.

How much would it cost to have an overweight permit in Texas? 

In the state of Texas, it costs $270 to have a permit for overweight vehicles. You need one if you exceed 80,000 pounds and are banned from certain routes due to your weight limitations. See a Brazoria County, TX-Heavy Loads Permit ($100,000) Bond.

Can oversize loads travel at night in Texas?

Nighttime is a great time for over-sized goods to be transported. This rule only applies, however, if the load is less than 100 feet long or 10 wide on Interstate highways and not overweight; it can also happen during weekends even though any weight.

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