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What is a firearm bond?

A firearms bond is a document which legally binds the registered holder to keep their firearm safe and not misuse it. A surety company will provide both coverage for you in case of theft or unauthorized use as well as an insurer against any damage done by your gun, such that no matter what happens during its possession, there are always insurance policies backing up ownership

Concealed Weapon Permit Bond

The concealed weapon permit bond is a document that allows you to carry a firearm or other weapon in public, either on your person or in your vehicle. Our rates are affordable and we have the best service in town.

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What is the point of concealed carry?

Concealed carry permits are a way for states to make sure that only those who meet certain requirements can have the right to protect themselves. Concealed carriers need this permit in order not just because of how they look, but also because it ensures them with all kinds of legal benefits such as being able to drive or run their business without restrictions from laws and zoning ordinances alike!

Can I get a concealed carry permit in Florida? 

If you're an adult who is not prohibited from possession of firearms and live within the state's borders, then yes! You can apply for this license at your nearest FDACS regional office or authorized tax collector.

What is required for a Florida concealed weapons permit?

The state of Florida allows residents and non-residents alike to apply for their concealed firearms license so long as they have completed an approved firearm proficiency class or equivalent training program. You will need two forms of ID with pictures on them when submitting your application along with copies from certificates that certify compliance.

Who issues concealed weapons permits in Florida?

That's right, it's the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The state agency started accepting applications on September 1st 2015 after passing legislation that was signed by Governor Rick Scott just one month prior to take effect.

Do you need a permit to buy a gun in Florida?

You're not allowed to purchase handguns if you don't live there. However, all firearms are available for sale without any permits and the background check is required for everyone! Find a Florida – Distributing Agent (Cigarettes) Bond.

Is Florida an open carry state?

Florida is a non-permissive open carry state, meaning you can only openly carry your firearm for limited activities such as hunting or during self defense in the State.

How many rounds can you carry in Florida?

These Democratic legislators in Florida are looking to put a stop to mass shootings by limiting the rounds that can be carried. If shooters must reload their weapons over and over again, they will have less of an opportunity for people around them to get hurt or killed!

How much does a concealed carry permit cost in Florida?

The cost varies depending on whether the applicant resides within or outside of the state boundaries but generally falls between $42-$55 dollars per application fee including fingerprinting and processing fees like initial license card issuance ($10), duplicate license cards (free) etc.

Where can you not conceal carry in Florida?

Florida law prohibits concealed carry in some public buildings, like police stations and courthouses. It is also illegal to conceal carry at any polling place or meeting of the governing body for a municipality, county school district, or special district.

Can you wear a mask and carry a gun in Florida?

If you want to cover your face while concealing a firearm in Florida, it's possible! You'll need one of the CWFLs and an approved mask.

Can I open carry on my property in Florida?

You can open carry on your own private property where you have a home in Florida. You cannot, however, openly display weapons when traveling or participating in fishing and hunting without the proper license to do so.

Concealed Weapon Permit Bond - Concealed firearm under jacket.

Are car holsters legal in Florida?

Car holsters are legal in Florida. In most states, guns can be carried either open or concealed- but not both at the same time! But, with a permit and an active retention feature on your holster (which you don't need if it's out of plain view), carrying them legally while driving is possible throughout the state of Florida.

Can you have a medical card and own a gun in Florida?

The federal government has made it clear that if you are an active registrant to the medicinal use of cannabis, as classified by law under Section 812(c)(2) of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C.), then you must not purchase firearms during your term with said card due to restrictions on possession and transfer imposed by Federal Law 21 USC § 802.

What is the point of concealed carry?

Concealed carry permits are necessary in order to ensure that the permit is not issued to those with a criminal or violent history. Concealed carriers must have proper training, and they can only use their guns if threatened by someone. Read a Davenport, FL – License and Permit Bond.

How long will processing take? 

It can take a long time to receive your concealed carry permit in Florida. The turnaround time for processing such an application is around 50-55 days, meaning you'll have to wait about two months before receiving it back and being able to legally conceal carry firearms.

How much does it cost for a gun license in Florida?

The initial cost is $102 which includes an 18% state fee, and fingerprint processing fees. Renewals for residents are only half as much at $50 but non-residents pay more than double at $92.

Can I own a fully automatic weapon in Florida?

It depends what you mean by “fully automatic.” Yes, if the gun is federally compliant to go off semi-automatically. No, if it's an illegal machine gun or full auto firearm. In that case you'll have to travel outside of your home state and hope for leniency with federal law enforcement officials!

Where can I open carry in Florida?

It’s unlawful to openly and publicly display a firearm or other weapon on your person; however, there are certain instances when this is permitted. For example, you may be lawfully carrying firearms if you're hunting, fishing for recreation purposes only, camping with the intent of cooking outdoors at least one meal per day while out-of-doors overnight, attending gun shows or competitions where guns are possessed unloaded.

Why is open carry illegal in Florida?

The law states that if a handgun is displayed for any reason other than necessary self-defense, criminal charges could follow. Under this statute, firearms and certain electric weapons cannot be openly carried.

Are hollow point bullets illegal in Florida?

Hollow points or controlled expansion bullets are legal for concealed carry purposes only, not hunting. Here's FL – Dance Studio ($10,000) Bond.

Can you get a concealed carry permit online in Florida?

Florida has an online application process, but you may apply in person by making an appointment to complete the online application at either a FDACS Regional Office or Tax Collector's office. (Please note that this option may be limited due to COVID-19.) There is no need to complete your application ahead of time!

Can you conceal carry in a post office in Florida?

It is illegal to store firearms, explosives or other dangerous weapons on U.S. Postal Service® property in Florida unless the individual has an official purpose for doing so and has obtained permission from a supervisor beforehand.

What self defense weapons are legal in Florida?

The law in Florida states that you can openly carry a self-defense chemical spray, nonlethal stun gun, dart firing stun guns or any other device used solely for defense purposes.

Can I carry an unloaded gun in Florida?

I’m 18, so I can carry a gun in Florida as long as it is unloaded. The law specifically says that firearms must be securely encased and not easily accessible to the user. So if you are carrying an unsecured weapon around inside of your car or truck on public roads with their doors unlocked, for instance-that would violate this statute!

What Firearms are illegal in Florida?

Florida Statute § 790.221, states that it is illegal to own or have in your care any short-barreled rifle, shotgun, machine gun which may be made operable; however this does not apply for antique firearms.

Fingerprints done for concealed carry in Florida?

Electronic fingerprint scanning services are available at almost all of the 67 county sheriffs' offices and even some local police departments throughout the state.

What can stop you from getting a concealed weapons permit in Florida?

First, make sure that you aren't committed to a mental institution or adjudged incompetent or mentally defective by providing the appropriate proof of competency with firearms. Second, don't have any domestic violence injunctions against repeat violence currently in place!

Can I carry my BB gun in Florida? 

Maybe! Under current law, air guns are legally classified as neither weapons nor firearms. So you can bring your little friend with you to the beach or on a hunting trip without any worries. Have a Florida – Construction License ($20,000) Bond.

Can you buy a machine gun in Florida?

Technically speaking, the law prohibits any person from owning or having in his or her care, custody, possession, or control any machine gun which may readily be made operable. However there are exceptions for antique firearms and those lawfully owned under provisions of federal law.

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