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What is Florida Third Party Electronic Temporary Registration Bond?

A surety bond protects the party requesting the bond, meaning that any financial losses as a result of poor decisions or damages will be paid for by you. The Florida Third Party Electronic Temporary Registration guarantees your business practices are legal and ethical.

Need ETR third party provider bonds.

We provide a service to help companies comply with state and federal regulations by providing an ETR bond for their company. Our goal is to make sure you are in compliance with all laws so that your business can continue to grow without any interruptions or delays.

If you need assistance with complying with these regulations, please contact us today! We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our services and how they could benefit your company.

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What is Florida ETR?

The Florida ETR is a system where licensed dealers can issue temporary license plates to customers. The program provides agents and users with real-time access to vehicle information, making it easier for them both.

How do I get a temporary registration in Florida?

The buyer may purchase the appropriate state's tag at their nearest motor vehicle service center. The cost of this is based on where you live and how long it will take to legally transfer ownership, so be sure to ask for assistance when purchasing your tags!

Can I print a temporary license plate for Florida?

Florida ETR will happily help you print temporary tags and registrations once your account is created. You'll be asked to get a vehicle inspected, purchase insurance, or register if it's due before applying for the license plate. It also helps with metal plate transfers and calculating title & registration fees!

Is your temporary license plates the same as permanent Florida?

A temporary plate is issued for 30 days. For that time, you are eligible to take your vehicle on any public roadway in the state of Florida with a valid registration and license plate. You may also drive across counties within those 30 day windows with no problem whatsoever! 

Can you drive a car without a tag if you just bought it in Florida?

As long as they don't find anything wrong with what you're doing, the bill of sale is all that needs to be given. You can only title your newly-bought vehicle when there are office hours available in order for them to do so and not risk getting pulled over again while driving around untreated on roads!

How much does a temporary tag cost in Florida?

The answer to this question is dependent on what type of vehicle you are driving and where the license plate was issued. As of January 2020, Temporary tags cost $5 for all vehicles with an expired or expiring registration (or which have never been registered) and they expire after 30 days from issuance date.

Driving an unregistered vehicle in Florida?

If you are caught driving an unregistered vehicle in Florida, the penalties can be hefty. You could face a $500 fine or up to 60 days of jail time and six months probation! Find a FL – Miccosukee Athletic Commission Promoter Bond.

Can I register my car in Florida if I own a vacation home?

Many people who have a home in another state sometimes register their car when they spend time there. With the laws changing so often, it's good to know what you're signing up for and how that might affect your insurance coverage or registration back at home. Always check with both states before making this decision!

Electronic Temporary Registration (ETR) Third Party Provider Bond - Close up of the license plate showing new word on the car.

What happens if you don't return Florida plates?

If your license plate expires, it will be suspended until the new one is issued. If not surrendered within a timely manner and displayed properly on your vehicle after that time period has expired, you could face fines or jail time as well!

Can I buy a temporary tag in Florida?

Whether you're waiting for your specialty, personalized plate to arrive or if a car is being sold in Florida but driven elsewhere, the state of Florida offers temporary plates that can last up to 90 days.

How do I renew my temporary tag in Florida?

Visit or call your local department of motor vehicles if you have any trouble with obtaining tags from your dealer. If they refuse, take it up with them and explain that in some states only the agency can extend these types of licenses.

Can you register a car without a license in Florida? 

In any state, vehicle registrations are mandatory. To process your registration, you'll need to provide documents such as proof of ownership and ID among other requirements like an emissions test for older vehicles.

How many temporary tags can you get in Florida?

You may print up to 4 temp tags per vehicle (keep in mind that you can only issue 2 tags on the same vehicle per person). Temporary Tags are voidable until midnight of the day they were issued. Have a Miami, FL – Transient Merchant Bond.

Can I travel with temporary registration?

No, you cannot. You are only permitted to use temporary registration for the drive from showroom to home as per law.

Can I drive a car I just bought home without insurance?

You can drive home a new car you just bought without insurance, but only if it's insured. If your vehicle isn't properly insured when you want to take off with it for the first time, be prepared for expensive fines and penalties!

How much does it cost to transfer a title in Florida?

The cost to transfer a license plate in Florida varies depending on if the title is from FL or out-of-state, as well as how many days late you are. The typical fee ranges between $75-$115 for this service with registration costs additional fees.

How long do you have to register a car in Florida after purchase?

As soon as you purchase or receive a new vehicle, it must be registered in Florida. The dealer who sold the car will often issue you with your temporary license plate and file for registration/title on your behalf within 30 days of purchase.

What documents do I need to register my car in Florida?

In order to register your car in Florida, you will need a valid driver's license from an out-of-state identification card. You also have the option of registering and taxing it once or twice per year so that is convenient for those who are coming into town sporadically as they would not hold up traffic too much waiting at DMV windows!

What is the penalty for not transferring title within 30 days to Florida?

Failing to transfer ownership of a vehicle will result in an expensive $20.00 fine per day, so make sure you take care of it quickly! The cost to apply for a Title Certificate can be up to $85.75 depending on whether or not your car has out-of-state plates and if there are any liens registered against the vehicle.

How much does it cost to register a second car in Florida?

$225 is the cost to register a second car in Florida if someone does not have a license plate or record of a license plate registered in their name for another vehicle.

Can you go to jail for an expired tag in Florida?

Well, under §320.07(3)(c) of the Florida Statutes any person whose motor vehicle tag or registration has expired for more than six months commits a second degree misdemeanor and could face 60 days in jail plus fines up to $500!

Is driving an unregistered vehicle a criminal Offence in Florida?

Not only do these vehicles pose a danger on the road, but driving them is also considered illegal. Florida Statute 320.02 states that “At time of registration–the owner must provide proof of financial responsibility and insurance.”

What is the penalty for driving without a tag in Florida?

In Florida, knowingly attaching an unassigned license plate, tag or validation sticker to a vehicle is punishable by up to 60 days in jail for the second degree misdemeanor. Get a FL – Mobile Home Dealer ($25,000) Bond.

Can snowbirds register a car in Florida?

If you're a snowbird and need to register your car in Florida, be sure not to make the same mistake I did. Though weather may dictate otherwise, it turns out that if you spend more than 183 days of the year residing here as well as having an FL driver license or identification card- which is easy enough for most people – then registering with our Department doesn't require much effort at all!

Do snowbirds need to register their cars in Florida?

Some U.S. snowbirds spend the winter season living and working full-time in Florida, enjoying no state income tax like its residents do on average for that time of year – but they're not exempt from vehicle registration!

Can I get a refund on my Florida tag?

To qualify for a refund of your registration fee, you must surrender the license plate and general decal with it, as well as provide proof that you purchased this sticker.

What do I do with my license plates after I sell my car in Florida?

The Florida Legislature requires that when cars are sold, the seller must remove their license plate from the vehicle. The plates can then be transferred to a new or replacement car so long as they're surrendered at a Motor Vehicle Service Center if: you're moving to another state; or  your existing tags will expire within 30 days of transferring them.

Can I register a car with just the Bill of Sale?

In the State of Florida, a Bill of Sale does not serve as proof and record to register your car. In order for that transaction to be completed you will need valid ownership documents such as title or registration card from another state in which the vehicle was previously titled under their name.

Can you park a car without plates in your driveway in Florida?

A vehicle without a license plate is classified as an inoperable vehicle and will be investigated. You can call, email code enforcement officers, or use the Report a Code Violation Form to report this issue. See a FL – Employee Leasing Companies Bond.

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