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Who issues surety bonds - The banner shows a large insurance company like Swiftbonds.

Entities that Issue Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are usually issued by large insurance companies, but they can also be issued by individuals or other companies.

Why would someone issue a surety bond?

Corporate sureties issue bonds for a fee.  However, individuals and companies could issue a surety bond because:

Companies that issue bonds

Companies that issue bonds are ones that are backing the performance of another entity.  This can happen when the two companies are so intertwined in their dealings to vouch for each other.  It can also happen if one company is completely comfortable with another one and is willing to guarantee their performance

People that issue bonds

In the old days, people were the ones that issued surety on behalf of another.  In the modern world, this does not happen nearly as often, but it does happen.

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