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Why is auto insurance required by law in California?

Most states, including CA, require motorists to have Liability Insurance. This is used to pay for damage and injuries that someone else incurs in an accident that's your fault. The law does not require motorist’s liability insurance protects themselves or their property; you can total your own car without the state caring at all! But if you hit another person’s vehicle with yours while driving on a public roadways such as highways and roads then automobile owners are obligated under the legal system of most US States (including Ca) to carry sufficient levels of bodily injury coverage per occurrence up-to 70k/300 k lifetime maximum limit (*newer policies may be higher).

Is auto insurance required by law in all 50 states?

No. There are many people without a driver’s license who don't have to carry auto insurance, and there are also those with licenses that choose not to drive. If you do decide the extra cost is worth it for peace of mind or if your state requires coverage at least one type will be available for purchase from an online broker like this company!

Why is auto insurance important?

Auto insurance is important because it enables someone to be financially able to compensate another for their legal liabilities. If someone was in an accident and found negligent, they could be liable for large sums that exceed the means of payment by most people so being insured protects you from this outcome while also protecting others who may have been impacted as well.

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What's the best car insurance?

There are many factors that go into determining what the best car insurance company might be for you. Factors such as your driving record, age, marital status and where you live all play a role in deciding which one will work out most favorably for you.

Is car insurance mandatory in all the United States?

The United States has a varying range of insurance requirements. In most states, some form is required to protect against potential damages in case an accident occurs. However, exemptions exist for those who can prove they are able to cover their own minimal state requirement and not rely on the help from insurance companies like many Americans do today (due largely in part to the fact that accidents cost more than lifetime premiums).

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Instead of paying for auto insurance, is there a way to set aside some money to guarantee my ability to pay for liability in the case of an accident?

Auto insurance is a necessary purchase for drivers

Instead of paying through the nose, it might be better to set aside some money in case you need auto liability. You can't just not have insurance and expect them to find your car if it's crashed by an uninsured driver; instead, you would get fined heavily plus they will take all earnings from the accident as well. It could cost many millions or even billions depending on what happens with that one incident - so make sure your coverage has enough protection!

In California my friend is taking a driver's test with my car. Does she need her own insurance to take the test? (My car insurance can cover her, too)

You should never allow someone to drive your vehicle who is not fully licensed. In the case that they get into an accident and hurt themselves, then you may also be liable for any damages incurred as a result of their actions.

Do I need car insurance with a learner's permit in CA?

In California, every car owner must have insurance on the vehicle regardless of who drives it. When my son got his learner permit our insurance company told us that we did NOT have to add him as a driver on our car because he was not yet permitted to take the car out by himself and needed someone else licensed behind-the-wheel at all times. It wasn't until this spring when he actually earned his license from getting additional training hours through driving school or taking an exam for a practical road test that they required adding him onto our policy so he could start driving independently without supervision."

Is car insurance a veiled scam?

The way that car insurance works is not a veiled scam. There are no secrets, just exactly what you pay for in premium and the fact that vehicles depreciate. Unless an endorsement was purchased to compensate for replacement cost of your vehicle if it gets totaled or stolen, then standard auto insurance policies make payment based on actual cash value which can be lower than retail purchase price because cars inevitably lose their worth over time as they get older - but there's nothing deceptive about this system either!

Is car insurance a waste of money?

Car insurance is a waste of money, if you’ve never had occasion to use it. However, once the need arises and this safety net can be used for its intended purpose – that is looking in the rear view mirror Monday morning quarterbacking. It has taken on an opposite meaning: planning ahead instead of risking your losses yourself because car insurance transfers risk from moving forward by design; where we swap our premium with written guarantee- exchanging loss when things happen or don't happen - which means that something bad might not have happened at all! Risk transfer: That's what we get when buying auto insurances.

Is it worth having car insurance?

You can technically skip getting a car insurance policy, but you will need to have some sort of proof that you're able and willing to cover the costs if something happens. One way is to purchase a self-insurance bond which requires setting aside $15 thousand dollars as adequate coverage for an accident occurrence in California with minimum limits set at 15/30/5.

Should I cancel my auto insurance the same day that I sell my car?

If you are planning on replacing your car, it is better to suspend the insurance and not keep paying for a vehicle that will be replaced. If State Farm offers this option or if one of their agents tells you about it before canceling coverage then they may still offer safe driving discounts even though there's no longer an active policy in effect.

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