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Bond premiums expand in the first half of the year in Mexico - The banner shows a Mexican flag and a colored white background.

The First Half of the Year

One of the great places to find information is from Mexico.  Yes, it's a whole different country, but their reporting agency Country of Mexico - The logo shows a Mexican flag.can show some pretty accurate information.  Of course, Mexico typically runs a few months behind the United States, but it's generally a good indicator of what is going on.

Mexico also has a system that is quite different from the United States.  Instead of a whole host of surety bond companies, they have fifteen authorized firms.  These surety companies reported $4.35 billion pesos (approx $333 million US) in premiums.  Significantly, this is a increase of over 12.5% over the previous year.

Administrative bonds, which is 73.2% of the market, had the largest growth in the amount of 18.8%.

Fidelity bonds fell 0.9% (basically, statistical noise) and commercial bonds declined 7.5%.

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