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Man arrested for forging surety bonds - The banner shows a man being arrested and handcuffs.

You know, it doesn't seem to matter where people live, there is always someone running around doing things the wrong way.  Below is a great example of that.  Here, we had someone going around filling out false affidavits and getting surety bonds that were purely fraudulent.

Probate bond - The image shows a last will testament, probate note, court hammer.

These bonds were used in court proceedings and were brought to light by one of the victims.


Man arrested for forging surety bonds

CHANDIGARH: A resident of Sector 40, Kuldeep Singh, took three local courts on a ride by submitting false affidavits and fulfilling sureties for securing bails for three accused in a case of assault and wrongful confinement.

The misdeed came to light when the complainant, Ishpreet Singh, who was thrashed by five members of a family, came to know about the release of accused on bail bonds and enquired about the surety, Kuldeep.

Police have arrested Kuldeep and obtained his police custody for ascertaining the involvement of other accused. The accused, who were released on bail, are Paras Malhotra, Vinay Malhotra and Pooja Malhotra.

Ishpreet Singh and his wife Kuldeep Kaur were attacked with blunt weapons by Malhotra family in June, 2013. The injured couple was rushed to GMCH-32 and following their statements and medical reports, an FIR was registered against Malhotras at Sector 34 police station.

Police sources said the accused managed to get regular and anticipatory bail on the surety of Kuldeep. Ishpreet filed a criminal complaint against all the accused for misleading the district courts. An FIR was registered at Sector 36 police station.

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