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What does it mean 100 Percent Performance Bond? The banner shows a hand that has 100 percent develop underneath it with a construction site as the background.

What is a 100% performance bond?

A 100% performance bond provides you with the peace of mind that if your contractor fails to complete a project, they will be legally obligated to pay for any additional costs needed. The contract value is also available in case subcontractors and suppliers are not paid on time.

What does it mean 100% Performance Bond?

A performance bond is a type of surety bond that guarantees the completion of a project. Swiftbonds offers these bonds as well as other types of surety bonds, such as bid, license, and payment bonds.

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What is a performance bond and how does it work?

A performance bond guarantees the contract obligations of one party. It's usually issued by an insurance company or bank to cover any failures from the other side in meeting their end of the bargain. View our What amount is Insured by a Performance Bond?

What is a 50% performance bond?

A performance bond is a financial guarantee that ensures the owner of the project will be compensated should their contractor fail to complete. The amount varies depending on what percentage level it's based on, but typically 50% or 100%.

What is a 10% performance bond?

A 10% performance bond is typically set at the beginning of a contract to ensure that you are paid in case your service provider does not perform. These bonds can also protect against having to find someone new just because one company didn’t complete their work on time or for other reasons.

How do you collect on a performance bond?

You can either visit the bank or brokerage house holding the security and ask for cash, get them to write out a check, wire transfer it into your designated account. See our What does a Payment and Performance Bond cover?

Who does a performance bond protect?

A performance bond is an agreement that guarantees the satisfactory completion of a project by the contractor. It protects you, as he/she may not complete their obligations to your satisfaction.

When should I request a performance bond?

It is required for government-related projects such as building bridges or road constructions. It's common in the private sector too, to protect against contractors failing to deliver work according to contract specifications.

Is it hard to get a performance bond?

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Surety bonds are not too difficult to get, but you first need a bid bond before bidding on the project and only after winning it would you have to pick up a performance bond. Read our What Contracts require a Performance Bond?

What happens when a performance bond is called?

The performance bond is called when the obligee has terminated or declared the principal in default. If they do so, then it can call on a surety to meet its obligations under this contract.

What does it mean to release a performance bond?

The bond may be needed for a trade license or to guarantee your performance of the contract. If you no longer need the bond, then you can decide if releasing is best for your situation and avoid incurring further premiums associated with this requirement as well as any collateral that was required.

What is a performance bond in tender?

A Performance Bond is a guarantee that the contractor fulfills their obligations to complete the contract. It's required when a letter of acceptance has been issued and will be forfeited if not completed satisfactorily, which means no payment would be made at all for work done by the Contractor.

Why do you need a performance bond?

A Performance Bond is a surety bond that guarantees adequate completion of a project done by the contractor. It's usually required in addition to the contractor's license bond and can help identify what kind of work they want done, as well as when it should be completed.

How long does a performance bond last?

A performance bond lasts about one year after it is purchased. Renewal time varies depending on the type of bond and its term, but in some cases you will be able to get a lower rate at renewal! Here's What are Liquidated Damages for a Performance and Payment Bond?

What happens when a performance bond expires?

When the performance bond expires, it is not something that can be renewed. The contract with which the bond was originally issued cannot affect what happens to performance bonds once their time comes up on expiration day.

Can a performance bond be extended?

There are many performance bonds available in the market, but the majority of them will come with a contract period. The bond is at risk if not extended before it expires and that's why they need to be renewed or extended beforehand.

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