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How do you get a Two Percent (2%) Performance Bond? The banner shows a two persons holding a money with a small house figure underneath it.

How do you get a Performance Bond?

In order to obtain your bid, contractors must usually pay the premium on their bonds as well as any interest. The price of this will depend on two things: first is the cost of these bonds and second are creditworthiness risks presented by principals.

Do you need a performance bond?

Swiftbonds offers a Two to Three Percent (3%) Performance Bond rate or lower for those looking for an easy, affordable way to get bonded.

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What is a 50% performance bond?

A performance bond is a type of assurance that protects the owner from possible contractor default in completing their job. The amount paid for this protection can vary, but typically ranges between 50% and 100%. See a What is difference between Surety Guarantee and Performance Bond?

What is the amount of performance bond?

A performance bond guarantees that the contractor will perform its obligations in accordance to contract terms. Performance bonds typically range from 50% of the project cost with a refundable option or 100% if there is no risk of loss on behalf of the buyer at all.

Can you get a performance bond without a bid bond?

With bid bonds, you've got to impress the judge. Without them, your chances are slim-to-none! Performance bonds can only be obtained after winning a bid. Bid bonds allow one's foot in the door while performance bonds will take care of all that quality work later on down the line.

How do performance guarantees work?

A performance guarantee agreement is a legal contract that ensures the contractor will finish their job according to requirements. If they can't find another company or individual to take over, then they are liable for damages owed by the owner of the property/project. Read this What is Maintenance Period in relation Performance Bond?

Who pays for a performance guarantee?

What happens if the contractor defaults on their obligations? Well, then it's time to call in an insurance company for help. The insurer pays out a performance guarantee agreed upon by both parties so that the employer can find another contractor and finish what needs to be done.

Who gets a performance bond?

Performance Bond - The logo shows a two persons hand shaking and a contract document in an off white colored background.

If you're looking for a performance bond, there are many options: banks and insurance companies alike issue these bonds. If the other party in your contract fails to fulfill their obligations, then they have to pay up! View a What is Cost of a Construction Performance Bond?

What is your credit rating?

If you have a good credit score, then the cost of getting a performance bond may be less than 1% of the contract. If not, it might run anywhere between 2-10%. Labor and material payment bonds are companions to these types of bonds as well.

When should I request a performance bond?

Performance bonds are usually required for government-related projects such as building bridges or road constructions. They're common in private sector construction too, to protect against contractors failing to deliver the work specified in their contracts.

How long does a performance bond last?

It depends on the type of bond and your renewal time. Some bonds never renew, but others might be cheaper at renewal than when you originally purchased it. See this What is Needed in order to Apply for Performance Bond?

What happens when a performance bond expires?

First off, these bonds are not tied to contracts so they won't be affected by changes in the contract. That being said, it will only remain active for as long as your contract is and once that time has elapsed, you'll need to renew or get out of there!

Can a performance bond be extended?

To extend a performance bond before the contract period ends, contact your agent. If not extended or renewed in time to avoid expiry, you may be left without any protection for that project and have no recourse against those who are expected to pay on delivery of service.

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