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What is a Texas Contractor License Bond? 

A contractor license bond protects the city/state and any individual harmed as a result of the principal's noncompliance from financial loss up to the full amount of the bond. The surety will reimburse all costs paid out on behalf of either party in case there is a violation committed by one or both parties, which includes fines and penalties if applicable.

Are you looking for a General Contractor Bond?

The bond guarantees that if the general contractor fails to perform their duties, then they will pay damages up to $5,000. This type of bond can also be used as collateral for construction loans and other financial transactions.

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Does Texas require contractors to be bonded?

In Texas, the state doesn't require contractors to be bonded. Contractor bond requirements are usually regulated by a state contractor's board and common in other states because they help ensure that homeowners receive quality workmanship from qualified individuals or businesses. Find a Texas Fitting and Dispensing of Hearing Instruments ($10,000) Bond.

Does a general contractor need to be bonded?

Texas licensed contractors are required to have a contractor license bond. It's important to know what bonds do and don't cover, as some will protect you against substandard work that does not meet with local building codes while others might only be for liability purposes.

What is a bond for a general contractor?

Bonds for a general contractor (a type of surety bond) are important in construction projects. They ensure that the bills associated with the project will get paid if there is any kind of disruption or financial loss due to failure on behalf of the contractors to complete their work, meet contract specifications, etc.

How do you become a bonded contractor in Texas?

The general contractor license in Texas is a complicated process that includes the following steps: providing proof of education or experience, paying for an application fee and getting liability insurance. Read our Texas Personnel Employment Service ($5,000.00) Bond.

How do you go after a contractors bond?

The bond is similar to an insurance contract. If the contractor fails to perform in any way under a contact, you can file a claim against their bond for your money owed. Depending on why there's dispute, filing with your state licensing board may be another option too!

What is the difference between being bonded and insured?

Being in a bond or an insurance policy means that we are protected from all risks. In bonds, our risk lies with us instead of with the company offering them; whereas being insured has some aspect where someone else bears responsibility for keeping you safe.

How long does a contractor's license bond last? 

You can have it for as little as one year or up to five years. California contractors with good credit usually purchase a few-year term, while those who are less fortunate may only get the option of committing themselves for just over 12 months.

What can keep you from being bonded?

Drug convictions, acts of violence and theft are all examples of criminal activity that may have the potential to hurt your chances for getting bonded. See our City of Arlington, TX-Generic License & Permit Bond.

How do you know if you are bondable?

When an employer hires someone who will be working in the company for a certain time period with no guarantee of employment at the end, it's important to protect both sides from fraudulent behavior and dishonest actions.

What credit score is needed for bonding?

Surety bond companies will look at your credit scores before deciding how much you'll have to pay. If the company sees that it's less than 670, they might want more money from you up front or require a higher monthly cost in order to cover any possible breach of contract on their end. Need a Texas Lost Title Bond.

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