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What is Texas Staff Leasing Service Bond?

The Texas Staff Leasing Service Bond is a bond that all professional employers are required to have in order to operate legally. These bonds help protect the company and its employees from potential issues with creditors, vendors or customers when your business shuts down unexpectedly.

Are you looking for a way to get bonded?

If so, then we have the perfect solution. Texas Staff Leasing Service Bond ($100,000.00) is an excellent option for those who need bonding but don’t want to go through the hassle of getting one themselves.

Our bond service is quick and easy – just fill out some paperwork online or over the phone and we’ll take care of everything else! It doesn’t matter what your business does; if it requires bonding, we can help you find a solution that works best for you.

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Why Do You Need a Texas Staff Leasing Service Bond?

One of the most important aspects to being a successful business owner is obtaining and maintaining your annual surety bond. Surety bonds exist as an assurance that you will be following all rules during operation, thus protecting the public at large from any negligence on your behalf.

What is Texas Staff Leasing Service?

Staff leasing services are great for companies who need affordable labor but not the commitment of a full-time employee. The benefits to both sides, and how they work together is what makes this service so worthwhile.

What does it mean to lease employees?

Employee leasing is a practice of supplying new workers or contractors to an employer, usually on a temporary basis. Oftentimes employee leasing arrangement is for work on certain projects that have start and end dates. Here's Texas Ready-Mix Concrete or Concrete Pump Truck Bond.

What is an employee leasing agreement?

Employee leasing is when you allow a PEO to be your employer. You and the business owner share responsibility for employment, but it's up to the PEO to do all of those pesky tasks like payroll, benefits administration, tax compliance etc.

Who is the employer of a leased employee?

A leased employee is someone who has been attained from a PEO, or professional employer organization. The person would be an official location for payroll and benefits but the work was completed by the leasing company’s business owner.

Is Texas a PEO reporting state?

Texas is what's referred to as a “PEO” or professional employer organization, which means it reports unemployment insurance. Read about Texas Residential Service Company Bond.

Who pays a leased employee?

Although they perform work for the client business, leased employees are usually employed by their staffing agency and paid an hourly rate. The staffing company then administers benefits and handles other HR tasks related to employment with that particular firm.

The Benefits of Employee Leasing 

Employee leasing will save your company money, while also providing the necessary support for employee performance. In this blog post I am going to cover a few major benefits that come with hiring an employment agency and how they can help you out in many different ways.

What is the purpose of employee leasing?

Do you have to manage the administrative burdens of your employees? If so, take a look at what PEOs can do for you. A professional employer organization will help with payroll and tax administration; employee benefits and insurance coverage which are all very important aspects in an office setting!

How much does it cost to lease an employee?

Employee leasing is a legal way for employers and employees to get the best of both worlds. Costs range from $671 – $5,503 with set up fees averaging 4%.

Difference between a temporary employee and a leased employee?

The difference between a temporary employee and leased worker is that the former works for an agency, whereas the latter work on behalf of their employer.

Difference between employee leasing and a PEO?

A PEO does not supply labor to worksites. They enter into co-employment arrangements, typically involving all of your existing employees at their work sites, as well as sponsoring benefit plans for workers through them and providing HR services on behalf of the client.

Is a PEO employee leasing?

The ability to outsource your human resources with a PEO is an excellent option for many entrepreneurs. They handle all of the administrative tasks, so you can focus on running and growing your company! Find a Texas Superheavy or Oversize Permit (Annual) Bond.

Is a leased employee an independent contractor?

The company that hires a leasing agency to provide contingent workers is not the employer of these individuals. They are independent contractors, and have no connections with their staffing provider or any other firm in the event they may be terminated from this position

Why do companies lease employees?

Employee leasing can help companies deal with the administrative complexity of managing employees. A PEO will take over benefits and insurance, recruitment, and management tasks in order to make it easier for employers.

Are temporary workers considered employees?

The difference between a temporary worker and contract workers is that the former are employees of yours or your agency while the latter work for themselves.

Temporary workers, like interns, can provide you with invaluable insight into how to improve operations in their field; they should be handled as any other employee would be. Get a Texas Temporary Use of Right of Way Permit (TURP) Bond.

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