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What is a Texas Public Weigher Bond?

A Public Weigher is a licensed individual who weighs commodities or produces and issues certificates of the said items. These weight certificates are used to determine pricing for sales, so it's important that they be credited correctly. The surety bond ensures accurate security in case anything goes wrong on their watch!

Is your business in need of a bond?

A public weigher bond is required by the Texas Department of Agriculture to weigh and measure commodities, such as livestock, cottonseed, grain and feed. The bond guarantees that the person will faithfully perform their duties according to law.

If you're looking for a public weigher's license or want to know more about this type of bonding process, contact us today! We can help answer any questions you may have about bonds.

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Why do I need this bond?

Public Weighers are a public service in charge of ensuring that weights and measures represent accurate weight or measure. This requires them to carry liability insurance which protects the people they serve from financial loss up to the full penal sum if any wrongdoing is found out, but not limited by things like bad weather or accidents. Here's a Houston Storm Water Quality Structural Control Bond.

What is the cost of a public weigher bond in Texas?

A person will need to get an appraisal and pay for their license before they can apply. They'll have to provide information about themselves, as well as show proof that they're insured with at least $10,000 surety bond per location; which totals up quickly!

What is the bond amount?

The bond amount is $10,000 and will remain valid for two years from the date it's initiated. Having an excellent credit score may qualify you for a very low premium on your bond. Find a Lubbock Contractor’s Compliance Bond.

What is a Public Weigher Bond for?

What is a Public Weigher Bond for? A public weigher bond ensures that the person holding this certificate of authority will comply with all provisions in Chapter 13 and other rules governing them. The surety bond also guarantees accuracy when weighing commodities requested by businesses.

How to become a public weigher in Texas?

It's important to follow the proper steps for becoming a public weigher in Texas. To obtain your certificate of authority, you must submit an application and include certain paperwork. You should also have enough money saved up because it costs $10,000 over two years! If these items are not submitted within that time period then there will be delays with processing your application which could lead to mistakes costing you more down the line. Need a Montgomery Overweight or Oversize Vehicle Bond?

What other requirements aside from the surety bond?

The Public Weigher Certificate of Authority is required for scales that weigh agricultural products. Applicants must provide a Power of Attorney, register the scale they will be using with the Texas Department of Agriculture and pay $500 to obtain their license which lasts only one year or until it expires whichever comes first.

What is the duty of a Public Weigher?

The public weigher is a person who records the weight of an object with their official seal, including when it was taken. The signature and license number must be stated on the certificate to ensure authenticity. Get a Odessa Secondhand Goods Dealers Bond.

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