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What is Texas Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond?

The Texas Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond protects consumers from fraud, or misrepresentation by the car dealer. The bond obligates the bonded principal to transfer good title of each motor vehicle sold and pay all valid bank drafts, including checks drawn for purchase of a new car.

The Texas Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

A dealer bond protects consumers by guaranteeing that a dealer will pay off any liens or judgments against them, as well as protect the public from fraud and other illegal activities.

If you are looking to become a licensed dealer, this bond is necessary for your application process. You can find more information on how to apply here.

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Why do I need Texas Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond?

A surety bond protects the party requesting it, the Obligee, from financial losses incurred by poor business decisions. The most common reasons for needing this are unethical behavior or failure to follow state and local laws on your part as well as damage caused during service rendered.

How much is a Texas Car Dealer License?

A Texas car dealer license is $700, and it includes the cost of two-year plates. The application can be found on TxDMV's website.

Can I get a dealers license without a lot in Texas?

In the state of Texas, you can get a dealers license without owning your own lot. The process is simple and quick because all forms are available through the Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Licensing offices in person.

How do you get a dealers license in Texas?

The process begins with logging onto the TX eLicensing system and filling out your dealer application. You must have this form notarized before submitting it, to make sure all of your personal information is correct on file! If there are any changes or updates that need to be made after applying for a new one, simply log back into the site and update as necessary- no matter how many times over time.

How do I get my title after paying off my car in Texas?

Don't worry, the lien holder should send you a letter that states what day they released your title. Otherwise if there was no paper-based title to begin with, wait for 10 business days and assume it arrives through regular mail from the lender. Have a Harris County, TX-Oversize, Overweight, Overlength and Overheight Loads Bond.

Why you need an Auto Dealer License

Do you want to be able to legally do business in the auto industry? Buying and selling cars is a great way that people can make quick money. In order for this type of operation, one will require an Auto Dealer license which requires a lot of work up front but then rewards with profits from profitable deals.

What is the average time for approval of a Texas Dealer License?

The application process takes 2-3 weeks, but if your application has any missing information or corrections to make, you'll receive a letter from the state asking for what's needed. Get a Texas Title Attorney ($7,500) Bond.

Does Texas Hold Car titles?

Yes, Texas does hold car titles. All electronic title data is stored in the state motor vehicle database and processed through local county tax offices; after application processing, lienholders are removed from records with an electronic notification sent to owners of their new ownership status accompanied by a paper copy of the original certificate.

What are the benefits of having a dealer license?

If you're looking to purchase a vehicle, but don't want the hassle of dealing with haggling or negotiating for price then getting your dealer license will be very beneficial. With access to wholesale prices and no sales tax on purchases it is easier than ever before!

What is a Texas dealer surety bond?

A type of bond that allows dealers in the state to receive their license. The $25,000 bonds are required by the Department of Motor Vehicles and must be purchased before receiving permission from them to do business successfully with vehicles.

Can I complete my vehicle title transfer online in Texas?

If possible, we highly recommend completing forms online instead of by mail, so you may easily save and print out a copy for your records that includes a date/timestamp. See a Olmos Park, TX-General Contractor ($5,000) Bond.

Do dealerships give you the title? 

This is a common question and I can't tell you how many times this has been asked. You need to know that when making any type of purchase at a dealership, it will take some time for your paperwork to be processed before receiving an official certificate of title in return.

Why would a dealer not have a title?

If the dealer doesn't have the title, it may be because they failed to pay off the outstanding balance. Double-check with your state's motor vehicle department to make sure the title is legitimate (it's too easy for a shady dealer to counterfeit a title).

What happens if a dealer sells a car without a title?

If you're buying a used car from your local dealership, it's important to make sure that the dealer has legally received ownership of the vehicle before they can sell it. If there isn't an official title in their possession when you show up for purchase or if they're still waiting on receiving this paperwork, walk away and find another auto seller!

Can you sue a dealership for selling you a car without a title?

You absolutely can, but it's best to call up an attorney. Generally speaking, if the dealer has sold your vehicle then he probably had access to the title as well. You could file suit in breach of contract and get that money back!

Is it illegal to sell a car without a title in Texas?

Texan law prohibits the sale of a vehicle without an official title. See a Olmos Park, TX-Electrician ($1,000) Bond.

Can you drive a car while waiting for a title in Texas?

If your vehicle's title is lost or damaged, it doesn't affect the owner's use of the vehicle. But if something were to happen and they need their certificate back before then – like an accident where someone was hurt- having that document will show authorities who are at fault.

How can I get a new title for my car in Texas? 

Apply to the nearest TxDMV Regional Service Center and forward all required documentation. They will then issue you with your brand-new certificate of ownership, which only takes a few minutes.

What is the penalty for late title transfer in Texas?

The $25 fee should be paid if a person wants to apply for their driver's license within 30 days of purchase. Add another $25, but only up until 60 days from date of sale and an additional $250 after that point.

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