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What is Texas Fee Interest-Nonresident Manufacturer's Bond?

In order to transport beer into the state of Texas, a bond is needed. Nonresident Manufacturer's License. The holder of this type must have an owner or lessee with a carrier permit in possession while transporting barrels containing alcohol across state lines for sale at retailers within the importing jurisdiction where he/she resides.

Interested in a Texas Manufacturer's Bond?

The Texas Fee Interest-Nonresident Manufacturer's Bond is for those who are not residents of the state of Texas but wish to manufacture products in the state. This license is required if you want to sell your goods or services within the borders of this state.

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What's a TABC bond?

It can be for different types of businesses, including those that sell alcohol. The bonds are governed by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and include Conduct Bonds, Performance Bonds, and Fee Interests for Contract/Alternating Resident Brewers and Manufacturers.

What is the fee for a nonresident manufacturer's license?

The annual fee for a nonresident manufacturer's license is $750, and the state cannot collect any fees from counties or cities.

What is an alcohol manufacturer?

An alcohol manufacturer is a company that produces alcoholic beverages, which includes brewers, wine makers, distillers and importers. The three-tier system seeks to prohibit tied houses and prevent “disorderly marketing conditions.” Some states chose to become alcoholic beverage control jurisdictions after Prohibition.

How do you become an alcohol manufacturer?

You'll need to apply for a permit from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau if you want to become an alcohol manufacturer. State regulations vary, but in general it's best that you obtain a business license as well as separate licenses or permits that allow you manufacture spirits, ship products directly to consumers, or own your own still. See a Groves, TX-Green Waste Disposal ($2,000) Bond.

Why is Bond required?

It is important for nonresident manufacturers to be aware of the bond they are required to provide. If you transport beer into Texas in a motor vehicle owned or leased by them, it will not necessarily fall on your shoulders as primary responsibility when determining taxes owed; instead, that falls onto whoever holds an importer's license. A bonding agent may assess the amount needed and make sure there is enough coverage over any six-week period while still protecting our revenue from tax due on beer if necessary. Get a Houston, TX-Street Vendor ($10,000) Bond.

How to obtain and qualify a bond?

The Texas fee interest bond is obtained by filling out a short application and submitting it to an underwriter. To qualify, you will need to have credit in order for your risk level not be too high or low. Our agents can start the process over phone but we require all applicants to sign their name before being reviewed by our underwriters team if they want guaranteed approval on receiving this type of bond. Once approved, you'll receive notification that includes how much time has been given until expiration date as well as any stipulations with regards to refunding upon cancellation of policy terms such as death, termination from company etc.

What is the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code?

The Alcoholic Beverage Code of Texas is a set of provisions that encompasses the quality, purity and identity for alcoholic beverages. Holders of nonresident manufacturer licenses are subject to all applicable rules applied by both the commission as well as any other laws relating to drinks such as beer. The code also includes penalties which can be enforced in cases where these codes have been broken or violated. Find a Fort Worth, TX-Street and Storm Drain Contractor ($25,000) Bond.

What does a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission agent do?

Texas agents are commissioned peace officers. They enforce the provisions of the alcoholic beverage code that regulate every phase of business, from manufacturing to selling alcohol and everything in between. As they work as law enforcement for all state laws, anyone who violates these regulations will be apprehended!

What is the purpose of TABC?

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is the leading agency in charge of regulating alcohol sales and distribution within our state. They administer laws that govern how alcoholic beverages are sold, who can sell them, where they may be consumed or purchased from and what hours these places must adhere to when operating. Read a Cibolo, TX-Roofing Contractor ($25,000.00) Bond.

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