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What is a Conduct Surety Bond?

A surety bond required by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) for retailers that do not hold food and beverage certificates but serve alcoholic beverages on the premises. This type of bond may be required if your retail business has gross receipts primarily from sales of alcohol.

Obtaining a TABC Conduct Surety Bond-Package Store Permit (P)

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How does a Conduct Surety Bond work?

The Conduct Bond is required to maintain the license or permit needed to continue operating a retail location. The bond provides assurance that retailers will operate according to TABC laws and regulations surrounding alcohol sales in their stores.

There are many laws that retailers should be aware of so as to stay within the boundaries. If a retailer violates any state law, they put themselves at risk for losing their bond which guarantees funds in case something goes wrong with customers' purchases or if there is an issue such as bankruptcy. The surety will pay the claim up to what is guaranteed by your bond and then attempt to collect from you whatever amount it paid out on your behalf–you're still ultimately responsible even though someone else pays them first! Read about Texas Ready-Mix Concrete or Concrete Pump Truck Bond.

Who should get a Conduct Surety Bond?

Do you know when your business needs to get a Conduct Surety Bond? You don't want any legal penalties or financial troubles from operating without one. The sooner you can fill out the paperwork and pay for it, the better off your company will be! Here's a Texas Residential Service Company Bond.

How much does a Conduct Surety Bond cost?

The cost of a conduct surety bond in Texas is determined by the proximity to a public school. If the location is over 1,000 feet from a public school, the penalty for negligence will be $5,000. The closer you are to one; within 1000 ft., it increases up to $10,000. A license cannot expire until this requirement has been fulfilled and cancelled by your surety company or when all renewals have expired whichever comes first.”

Why do I need a conduct surety bond in Texas?

A Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) conduct surety bond is necessary for anyone who wants to sell, import or distribute alcoholic beverages in the state of Texas. The bond ensures that business owners will not infringe on TABC rules and follow the alcohol beverage code when they are operating their businesses. Find a Texas Superheavy or Oversize Permit (Annual) Bond.

What Does an Alcohol Beverage Bonds Protect Against?

A bond is a great way to protect against professional misconduct. The TABC requires that businesses have this type of bonding before being permitted for mixed beverage permits, private club licenses, beer retailer’s license and wine and beer retailing permit among others. Conduct bonds are necessary in order to ensure compliance with state laws on alcoholic beverages as well as commission rules established by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).

Conduct bonds are required for the following permit types like Package Store Permit (P). Get a Texas Temporary Use of Right of Way Permit (TURP) Bond.

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