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Pinellas County, FL – Dock, Pier, and Wharf Construction ($5,000) Bond - Excavator in a pier construction site.

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What is Dock, Pier, and Wharf Construction ($5,000) Bond?

Businesses are required to file a $5,000 bond with the government in order to activate their license. The bond protects the Obligee by transferring any damages that occur from breaking licensing laws onto surety bonds companies (the “Obligees”).

Need of Dock, Pier, and Wharf Construction Bond.

We offer construction bonds for docks, piers, and wharfs to help protect against unforeseen delays or cost overruns. This type of bond will ensure you are reimbursed for any costs incurred due to the contractor's failure to complete the project on time.

If you're looking for a reliable way to protect your investment in dock, pier, or wharf projects from being delayed or increased by unforeseen circumstances then we have what you need!

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Why is Dock, Pier, and Wharf Construction ($5,000) Bond required?

In order to protect the public from damages, businesses are required to purchase a $5,000 bond. This sets limits on risk by transferring it back and forth between the Obligee (a surety company) and business owners in case of failure or non-compliance with licensing laws.

How does the Dock, Pier, and Wharf Construction ($5,000) Bond required work?

Surety bonds, such as the Pinellas County Dock, Pier, and Wharf Construction Bond, are used by insurance companies to secure an agreement between themselves and a Principal that they will protect them from losses if their Obligee (in this case: The Florida Department of Insurance) does not fulfill its obligation.

What are the differences between a Pier, Wharf and Dock? 

A pier may have an interior. Piers can be made from wood or concrete whereas wharves usually use stone or wood to build their structure. Pier is above water level while a wharf is positioned along the shoreline of the body of water it rests on top of.

How is a wharf constructed?

If executed on the shoreline, concrete decks can be built atop pillars and sealed off with revetment. If done in deep water, combi walls are constructed to hold up against waves before they reach land; these are held in place by anchors into reclaimed ground below them.

What's the difference between a wharf and a dock?

A wharf provides access for ships and boats that can pull up alongside it. It is also called docks or piers. A wharf has wood on top of concrete making it easy for people, cargo, supplies etc. enter/leave from.

What is a piled wharf structure?

Piers and wharves are structures that allow water to flow below, while solid piers or wharves use a retaining wall behind which is placed fill. The fill creates the structure’s working surface in order to prevent any of the pier's or wharf's weight from being on it.

Does Wharf mean?

The word “wharf” is an old English term which means a structure built along or at the edge of navigable waters so that ships can lie alongside to receive and discharge cargo and passengers. Get a Pinellas County, FL – Hunting or Fishing Agent Bond.

Dock, Pier, and Wharf Construction Bond - Commercial duck under construction.

Do I need a permit to build a dock in Florida?

The construction of docks within the state is highly regulated, with permits typically required for structure and use. One will have to apply for such permissions from the Department Environmental Protection before constructing any type of pier or wharf on these sovereign lands.

Can a general contractor build a dock in Florida?

A Florida Marine Contractor can build docks and other structures that are subject to the rigorous conditions of marine environments. They specialize in constructing, repairing, altering or extending any dock or structure whose foundation is submerged under water at all times.

How much does it cost to build a dock in Florida?

Building a boat dock in Florida can cost an average of $14,847. You may find prices as low as $3,609 or up to the high end at around 27,908 dollars- but you'll typically be paying about 14 and 8 thousand for your new pier.

Is a dock private property in Florida?

A dock is not always considered a private property in Florida. In fact, riparian property owners may build docks or “wharf out” to navigable water and have exclusive rights of use for their own land.

What is the difference between a pier and a wharf?

A pier is a wooden structure which protrudes from the shore and extends into deeper water. A wharf, on the other hand, provides an area for ships to dock in rivers or by coastal seaside communities. Have a Polk County, FL – Cable TV Franchise ($5,000) Bond.

Do you own the water around your dock?

Ownership of lands underwater varies depending on whether it is a bay, estuary, or ocean. The bottom line is that just because one's dock extends into a lake does not give them ownership over the water underneath and surrounding their property.

Is fishing at night near a dock legal?

I don't know about you, but when I go out for an evening of fishin', it's usually illegal. Whether on the docks or just off shore in my boat, if there is someone else who might be able to see me (like my neighbors), then getting caught can ruin all the fun that comes with catching some fresh seafood!

What is the difference between a jetty and a wharf?

A jetty and a wharf are both structures that extend out into the water. A key difference is their purpose: Jetties usually protect harbors or beaches from waves, whereas wharves serve as docks for ships to dock at when arriving at shore.

What is considered a pier?

A pier is a raised structure that rises above the water and juts out from shore. It's typically supported by pillars or piles, and provides access to offshore areas. If you're American English speaker, then in your language it may be synonymous with “dock.”

What are piers in construction?

Advanced piers can be used in construction to support large buildings. They are usually cylindrical concrete structures that must have holes drilled into them beforehand and then sunken into position while filled with cement, but they take the form of caissons for bridges.

How are piers built in the sea?

The deck and its supporting system. The deck is usually built from reinforced concrete, though timber may be used for piers in shallow water where piles can't reach bedrock to support it–it's also cheaper than steel! These are then framed together by beams, girders, and bearing piles to form bents or trestles which hold up the pier at different heights above sea level.

What is the purpose of piers?

Piers are structures that rise out of the water. They provide access to areas which would normally be inaccessible by boat or foot and can often store boats on their surface. Some piers also have fishing platforms, where fishermen may cast a line for hours without moving from one spot.

What are wharves made of?

A wharf is a ramp that allows boats to access the shore. They typically have wood tracks and are called docks or piers, but can be made from other materials like steel too! Need a Polk County, FL – Hauler and Land Spreader of Waste Water ($10,000) Bond.

What is very good for constructing wharves?

Concrete is the best option for pier and wharf construction because it's durable in marine environments, doesn't get corroded by sea-life or eaten away by insects. The mixture of concrete with steel adds to this durability as well–concrete mixed with metal makes a sturdy structure that can withstand any weather conditions!

What holds a pier up?

Pilings are the necessary support system of a fixed pier. They often come in steel or wood, and for safety reasons they need to be driven into the ground beneath water so that vessels can safely pass by without being damaged.

What's the difference between a quay and a wharf?

A Wharf is an offshoot of land that has been constructed to allow ships to easily dock. A Quay, on the other hand, technically refers to any area where boats can safely anchor themselves parallel with shoreline or river banks.

What is the best wood to build a dock out of?

Pressure treated pine is the most common and affordable type of wood to use for boat docks. It should last you 20 years or more with annual maintenance, but be careful when walking barefoot because it can splinter over time!

Who runs a harbour?

The dockmaster. They are in charge of the docks used for freight, logistics and repair or maintenance of ships (a shipyard). The title is distinct from harbor master who may be higher rank than that of a dockmaster with an assistant; they all work to keep this area safe so sailors can set sail without worry!

What's the difference between a port and a Harbour?

Ports and Harbors are two completely different things. A Port is an arrangement where boats, ships, etc., moor at a dock to transfer passengers or cargo onto land while a Harbour refers more specifically as the area next to shore that water crafts can anchor in for safety from stormy weather.

Do you need permission to build a dock?

Yes, if you own waterfront property or are thinking about building one. When applying for this permit, the HOA may require an application fee and proof that your new structure will not be used as a marina- which means it cannot impede water flow beneath its surface. See a FL – Private Educational Institution Bond.

How far out can I build my dock?

Docks are a great way to add more space for activities in your backyard, but it can be tricky figuring out how close you can build them together. Make sure the minimum gap between docks is 10 feet and that all of your property lines are clear before planning any dock layout.

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