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What is the City of Longview Sign Contractor Bond?

Businesses are required to file a bond with the (the “Obligee”) in order for their license to be active. The bond protects the Obligee by transferring the cost of ensuring compensation from damages resulting from an unlicensed business breaking licensing laws onto a surety company that has guaranteed they will provide this service.

Do you need a Sign Contractor Bond in Longview, TX?

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Why do I need this Bond?

It is important to be in compliance with the law and protect yourself from any financial liabilities. The Texas (City of Longview) Sign Contractor Bond will ensure that you are accountable for your business decisions, while simultaneously protecting those who depend on them.

The process has an educational component as well: by possessing this bond, you show your Obligee that they can trust in their Principal's decision-making abilities when it comes to both ethical and illegal practices. Here's a Houston Sign Removal Bond.

Is a Credit Check Required for City of Longview Sign Contractor Bonds?

City of Longview Sign Contractor Bonds require an applicant to have a credit check. Read about Houston Sign Erection Bond.

Why is the City of Longview Sign Contractor bond required?

In order to get a license, you have to buy and file the needed bond. This protects those who will be harmed if your business fails because of any licensing laws that might not be followed due to lack of compliance on behalf of the company in question. Find a Houston Storm Water Quality Structural Control Bond.

How does the City of Longview Sign Contractor bond work?

The bond company is responsible for the safety of your business, and you should make sure they are an insured carrier. They will be referred to as both Obligor and Obligee in various circumstances when it comes to a Sign Contractors bonds or other requirements by law.

The surety company provides the Obligee a guarantee that customers, vendors and employees of licensed businesses will receive payment for financial damages due to violations. The bond is up to penal sum stated on form; however, if claims go unpaid by business owners license can be suspended indefinitely. Get a Lubbock Contractor’s Compliance Bond.

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