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What's a Janitorial Bond


Janitorial Bond

We have a lot of cleaning services and janitorial businesses that are clients. Our clients like these business as they are good ventures to invest in. You could earn a good amount of money from keeping corporate organizations and homes clean. However, running such businesses come at a risk. Your employees could be accused of theft at any point by customers. In such scenarios, what can you do to salvage your reputation and keep your business? This is where a janitorial bond comes in handy.

What is a Janitorial Bond?

A janitorial bond is a type of surety bond that protects customers of your cleaning service or janitorial business from theft carried out by your employees. It gives your business protection and coverage from any claim of theft by customers, against your employees. The benefit of janitorial bond is that if your employee steals from a client while on duty, the client makes a claim against your janitorial service bond, instead of making the claims against your business. In other words, it indemnifies your business from the loss, which the bond provider now bears. Note that the bond works differently from insurance coverage. While insurance cover protects you and your business against poverty damage or loss, janitorial bond covers client’s theft from employees.

How much does it cost to get a janitorial bond?

Janitorial bonds give good value for money. They come at an inexpensive cost and provide an amazing value of coverage. For instance, a business owner who needs $100,000 worth of coverage can get a janitorial bond for less than $400 a year.

How do I get bonded for janitorial business?

Whether you are looking to get one online or with a surety company, the procedure and paper work are not exhaustive. You should be willing to provide information such as: • The name of your cleaning/janitorial business • State in which your business is located • The number of employees you have and • Your desired bond amount Once the payment is confirmed, your surety bond is ready and your business is covered.

Does a cleaning service need to get a janitorial bond?

Purchasing a janitorial bond is absolutely optional. However, the benefits far outweigh the risks. They help protect your clients in the event that your employee steals from them, which puts your business at an advantage. Here are some benefits of purchasing a janitorial bond. • It builds trust and client retention, as some client may be willing to partner with only janitorial services that have such cover. • As it protects your customers, it makes your business more credible and reputable.

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