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What is Houston, TX-Sign Removal ($25,000) Bond?

The $25,000 Houston sign removal bond is a financial guarantee for the city of Houston against unlawfully erected signs. It ensures that if any illegally-erected or illegally maintained signs are found in violation with what the city stipulates they will be removed promptly and without being left up to threaten public safety as well as property values.

Need a Sign Removal Bond?

A sign removal bond is a type of surety bond that guarantees the removal of signs and billboards in accordance with city ordinances. It can also be used to guarantee the safekeeping and return of public property or equipment.

Sign removal bonds are an excellent way to protect your company from liability for damages caused by signage. If you need a sign removal bond for your project, contact us today! We offer competitive rates on all types of surety bonds.

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Why is Sign Removal Bond required?

Businesses in Houston have to pay a 25,000 dollar bond with the City of Houston before they are able to conduct business. The purpose of this is so that if your company breaks any laws or damages anyone during their time as an active and licensed company then you will be held accountable by having the surety bondsman cover for all those losses instead.

What is Sign Removal?

If you use your sign as a traffic hazard, we will take it down without asking for consent or telling the owner. All costs to remove said signs are paid by whoever put them there in the first place.

Why are signs important?

Signs are important because they can deliver a relevant message to the mass/targeted audience with ease and efficiency. These advertising mediums offer consistency as well as stability when it comes to delivering brand awareness, allowing for more clarity regarding focus of the brands that use them

What is the most common form of sign advertising? 

Billboards are more prevalent than any other form, and come in a variety of sizes. Some billboards remain static while others move to suit your location on mobile devices!

Where can outdoor signs be useful?

Outdoor signs are a great way to reach people where they live, work and play. It is media that's everywhere, so when used with creativity it can create brand new ad spaces out of thin air — places you never would have seen before but now seem as if there was always an advertisement there waiting for your eyes.

Which of the following is an advantage of outdoor signs?

Outdoor signs are great for firms with limited budgets! They can use the most impactful visual and a few words to get their message across, because people tend not to slow down. Find a Texas License to Conduct Bingo Bond.

Are outdoor signs expensive?

The cost of advertising on outdoor signs can vary based on the location. Pricing is typically between $1,200 and $15,000 per month or more if you want to use a rotating billboard where you share space with other companies through rotating digital ads.

Why are outdoor signs effective?

Outdoor signs have a longer life span so they are memorable for your target audience and ensure that you get their attention, unlike print or digital marketing options which can be quickly forgotten by someone scrolling through social media feeds on their phone.

What are outdoor sign advantages?

Advertising on a billboard, bench or in store are some of the most affordable forms of advertising. This is because outdoor signs can create customer impressions for very low costs even with high exposure areas. Read a Odessa, TX-Right of Way Construction Bond.

Where can outdoor signs be useful?

Outdoor signs are a great way to reach people everywhere. Think about it, when you use outdoor signs with creativity, the outdoors can be seen as fresh and new ad spaces that will stop your target audience in their tracks!

Can you remove a sign from public property?

You probably can't unless it's been abandoned for more than three days. Penal Code Section 488 makes this a petty theft misdemeanor, which means that if we catch you removing signs without permission then the police will arrest and charge you with criminal charges.

Why is Bond required for Sign Removal?

If you want to open a business in the City of Houston, be sure your $25,000 bond is ready. This bond protects both parties by shifting financial risk from taxpayers to an insurance company who will have their hands full if any legal action occurs for breaking licensing laws. See a San Antonio, TX-Moving Contractor ($2,000) Bond.

What is a sign removal bond?

Sign removal bonds are a way for municipalities to ensure that all laws and regulations are followed during the construction and placement of an outdoor advertisement. Not only do they provide assurance, but also protection from liability in case sign removal becomes necessary — which is often seen with large billboards on public land.

How does a sign removal bond work?

Sign removal bonds are contracts between advertisers, the state and bond issuers. The advertiser is the principal; they purchase a sign removal bond from their surety in exchange for payment of premiums to them upfront. This enforcement mechanism makes sure that all regulations will be followed before obtaining licensing for an ad – it's insurance on behalf of the state as well!

What is the average bond amount? 

Well, that depends on where you live. A state or local municipality can set a certain price for bonds and premiums are determined by an advertiser's credit history, claims history, length of time in business as well as their financial statements. Get a Bedford, TX-Building Contractor ($1,000) Bond.

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