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What is Haltom, TX-House Mover ($1,000) Bond?

The City of Haltom ensures that all Texas House Movers will be required to obtain a $1,000 Surety Bond in order for them to get their appropriate license. This bond guarantees that any public property damaged by the moving company is compensated and up-to-date with other necessary requirements as dictated by law. 

Need a House Mover ($1,000) Bond?

Haltom, TX-House Mover ($1,000) is a bond that guarantees the performance of a mover. If the mover fails to perform as agreed in your contract with them, you can use this bond to get compensated for damages incurred by their failure. Read about Houston Storm Water Quality Structural Control Bond.

This bond protects you from any losses or damages that may occur during the move and ensures you receive compensation if something does go wrong. You’ll be able to sleep easy knowing all your belongings are safe and sound while they’re being moved! Here's Houston Sign Removal Bond.

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Why do I need this Haltom, TX-House Mover ($1,000) Bond?

A surety bond not only protects the party requesting the bond, but it also helps assure that you are trustworthy as a principal. This Texas (City of Haltom City) House Mover Bond is an assurance to your obligee that you stand behind your business decisions and can be trusted in handling their money. Find a Lubbock Contractor’s Compliance Bond.

How do I obtain a Haltom, TX-House Mover ($1,000) Bond?

Moving is hard, but getting a House Mover ($1,000) license bond in Haltom can be even more difficult. We make it easy! Just follow these 3 simple steps:

-Fill out our online application form – One of our licensed agents will contact you within one business day and provide an estimate on the cost (the “premium”) for your bonds – Once everything's signed off we'll process all necessary paperwork that needs to happen before issuing the bonds Here's Montgomery Overweight or Oversize Vehicle Bond.

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