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What is a Sidewalk Bond?

A sidewalk bond is a form of surety that guarantees the permit holder's right to “work on roadways, drive across curbs and sidewalks with vehicles or equipment” without worrying about being sued.

Sidewalk Bond in Garland, TX

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What is the purpose of a sidewalk?

The purpose of a sidewalk is to provide people with a safe passage that separates pedestrians from motorized traffic and aids road safety.

Why is it important to have sidewalks?

Sidewalks are important for many reasons. They can reduce pedestrian crashes and provide safety, mobility, and healthier communities among other benefits. The provision of walkways also increases how well people feel their needs are being met along roadways.

What makes a sidewalk safe?

A safe and accessible sidewalk should also incorporate curb ramps to improve accessibility, use anti-skid paving materials to reduce the risk of slips and falls during poor weather conditions, and tactile surfaces for pedestrians who are visually impaired. Read a Lumberton, TX-Roofing Contractor ($2,000) Bond.

What are the differences between curbs and sidewalks?

U.S. English uses sidewalk to refer to a paved footpath in front of or alongside streets or roads, while curb is used as stone edging separating road from people walking on their right side walkways (sidewalks).

Why are homeowners responsible for sidewalks?

If they don't take care of the sidewalk it can cause problems with your property and health as well. Once snow or debris builds up on a private sidewalk, it's going to be really hard to get rid of them without ruining everything else in their way!

What is the standard size of a sidewalk?

Sidewalks should have a maximum width of 48 inches (or 6 feet). It is important to know the standard measurements because sidewalks are often used for walking outside. Get a Lumberton, TX-Electrical Contractor ($5,000) Bond.

Does homeowners insurance cover sidewalk repair? 

No, they do not. Homeowners are required to maintain the sidewalks in front of their homes and this responsibility is typically included as an annual expense on homeowner's insurance policies.

How long does it take to fix a sidewalk?

Well, in the summertime depending on humidity and temp, you can expect 30 minutes or so before it’s firm enough that excess water has evaporated. Find a Lumberton, TX-Mechanical Contractor ($5,000) Bond.

Who is in charge of fixing sidewalks?

The person who owns the sidewalk is responsible for repairing it. This can be a business, an individual or homeowners' association depending on what they own and how many people use their sidewalks.

Are sidewalks public property in Texas?

In Texas, sidewalks are public property. The law states that owners of abutting properties may be required to repair their own sidewalks and curbs if the works board desires.

What is considered a trip hazard on a sidewalk?

A trip hazard on a sidewalk is any vertical change over 1/4 inch or more at any joint, crack, depression in the surface of the pavement. You must take care to repair these immediately because they are major liabilities and could cause accidents when people step into them by mistake.

How do you fix a sidewalk trip hazard? 

Completely dig out the peaked slabs and add new concrete, or use an “scarifier” tool that has replaceable diamond blades on its side which level off uneven surfaces with quick movements without requiring removal of any material. See a Lumberton, TX-Building Contractor ($10,000) Bond.

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