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Florida - Construction License ($10,000) Bond - Construction workers working on construction site.

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What is the Florida Construction License Bond?

Florida Construction License Bonds are surety bonds that protect the public against construction projects gone wrong. They're required to be posted in various municipalities (cities and counties) in order to get a license, but it's worth noting they can also allow them access into more cities if done correctly!

Need a Florida – Construction License ($10,000) Bond?

The bond is designed to protect the public and ensure that contractors will be able to finish projects, even if they go out of business or default on their contract. It also protects you from being sued for damages caused by your workmanship.

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Construction License Bond - Top view on the construction site of residential buildings during the construction process with two workers.

What is a Licensing Bond?

To get a license or permit, it is usually required that you have to post a bond as insurance against breaking the law. This guarantees your compliance with anything applicable in order to legally be granted said permits and licenses.

Why do I need a Construction License Bond?

Construction License Bonds are in place to protect the public, not contractors. By posting a surety bond, they guarantee that they will abide by all laws and regulations regarding construction work within their city or county. Although every surety bond is different for each contractor, generally speaking it guarantees compliance with local building codes during construction projects. Get a Florida – Construction License ($20,000) Bond.

How a Construction Bond Works?

Construction bonds are required for nearly all government and public works projects in order to ensure that the project is completed. Contractors who win bids on these jobs are usually asked to put up a contract bond or construction bond before they can start work, because without one no contractor will be able any of money from their job until it's complete!

Do you have to be bonded in Florida?

In Florida, if you are applying for a license as a construction contractor and have less than 660 FICO credit score derived from your financial history, it is required by the state that you purchase an additional bond to show proof of reliability. See a Lee County, FL – Concealed Weapon Permit ($100) Bond.

Where can I get a surety bond in Florida?

You can get a Florida surety bond from your local insurance company or an authorized surety bond company. Most people choose to get their bonds through a brokerage because of the expertise and competitive pricing offered by bonded companies like us!

Who requires Construction Bonds in Florida?

If you're a contractor in Florida, doing work that requires construction licensing surety bonds is not your only concern. There are some municipalities where the requirement differs from city to city and county to county. As such, it's important for contractors to check with their local government before they begin any work because there might be different rules depending on which area or municipality one would like access too. Need a FL – Leased Nursing Home Bond.

How do I get a Florida Construction License Bond?

You start with applying for one online. After the surety company reviews your application details, they provide you an estimate on how much money will be needed and also help finish up the process by meeting in person or over phone or via email.

How much does a Construction License Bond cost in Florida?

Florida surety bonds are a small investment in the safety of your company. How much does it cost to buy one? Your bond premium is based on factors such as state or local authorities requirements, personal credit score and industry experience. Here's Florida – Construction License ($5,000) Bond.

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