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What is a Surplus Lines Broker Bond?

A surplus lines broker bond is a type of insurance that protects the state from fraudulent activity by an individual. Each time they are licensed to do business in a different state, brokers must have this license and permit surety bond as well before being authorized to offer surplus lines insurance policies on behalf of their company or agency.

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How Do Surplus Lines Broker Bonds Work?

Surplus lines broker bonds are licenses and permits that protect against financial loss in the case of a failed negotiation. These types of policies grant protection to different parties, including customers who don't live in the same state as their risk.

Who Does the Surplus Lines Broker Bonds Apply to?

Surplus Lines Broker Surety Bonds are required by many states for insurance agents who wish to offer surplus lines among their list of services. Agents must post the bond, which protects both consumers and agent from mismanagement in the event a company defaults on payments or fails to adequately report collected amounts.

What is a Surplus Line Broker?

A Surplus Line Broker is someone who places insurance with non-admitted insurers, covering risks other than aircraft and certain marine and transportation risks.

What is the function of a surplus lines broker?

A surplus lines broker is a specialized agent who finds coverage for risks that standard insurers won't insure. These brokers are intermediaries between regular agents and brokers, as well as non-admitted insurance companies. A surplus lines broker must adhere to state rules for selling these policies.

How do you apply for a surplus lines license in Florida? 

You must be at least 18 years old and meet the other requirements. The application process is completed online with all of your information, fingerprints are required to complete this step. Once these steps have been met, an exam will need to take place before notification can happen about whether or not you're qualified for this type of insurance coverage!

What is the purpose of the Florida Surplus Lines Service Office?

FSLSO is a state agency which regulates surplus lines insurance in Florida. They protect consumers and ensure that they are getting the best prices for their coverage, as well as publishing rates from approved insurers to make it more accessible.

What is Florida Surplus Lines Insurance?

Excess and surplus lines insurance are alternative types of coverage for people who can't find it in the standard/admitted market. This type of insurance usually covers risks that require a little more creativity, like professional athletes insuring their body parts!

Is Surplus Lines Insurance Safe?

Surplus lines insurance is a type of insurance that protects against financial risk. It's usually for something like pet liability or personal injury, which regular companies might not be as interested in covering because they don't have the expertise to do so themselves.

What is the function of a surplus lines broker?

Surplus lines brokers are the bridge between regular agents and non-admitted insurers. They must adhere to state regulations, which makes them a vital part of modern insurance operations. Find a FL -Telemarketing ($50,000) Bond.

How much is Florida Surplus Lines Tax?

If you live in Florida, then just prepare for a hefty tax. The surplus line tax is 4.94% and if that's not enough to make your head spin, remember there's also the FSLSO service fee which will cost an extra 0.06%.

What's the maximum surplus line agent fee for placement?

Brokers may charge a policy fee when they procure coverage. The limit is 20% of premium after other commissions, fees and charges are deducted from it.

What is the difference between excess and surplus?

The same can be said for both words. The only distinction lies in their definitions; an excess being a departure from what's necessary or appropriate, while a surplus are those who remain behind after all others have departed.

What are excess and surplus lines of insurance?

Excess and surplus lines of insurance are a type of property and casualty insurance in which consumers buy coverage through the non-admitted marketplace. These types of policies can be difficult to place with traditional insurers, so some agents offer these products for purchase when they're available.

What is an example of surplus lines insurance?

Surplus lines insurance companies have the ability to react quicker than traditional insurers and often provide a testing ground for new products. Employment Practices Liability Insurance is an example of such concepts, which can be used as coverage when faced with claims stemming from employment-related lawsuits that allege discrimination or wrongful termination among other things.

How are surplus lines insurers regulated?

A surplus line insurer is regulated through the state or country they are domiciled in. A licensed broker must be used for all transactions, and producers/brokers of these policies need to also have a license themselves. Read a FL – Title Agent ($35,000) Bond.

Are surplus lines taxes refundable?

Surplus lines taxes are refundable, but only if the policy was written and filed with an admitted carrier. If your general agent or insurance company is not licensed to write business in a state where you live, then they can't collect surplus-lines tax from you either.

What type of insurance agent is allowed to bind surplus lines?

Recognizing the power of insurance agents to bring in business, many states have set up a system that allows these people and brokers to obtain surplus lines licenses which allow them to place their own policies with companies.

Which of the following best describes a surplus lines broker?

A surplus lines broker manages the risks of non-admitted insurers who are unable to find an admitted insurer carrier for coverage. Here's FL – Turnpike Toll – Sunshine State Parkway Bond.

How do you explain surplus lines tax?

The surplus lines tax is a state-wide regulation that states impose on insurance companies. These taxes are passed onto the policyholders as an added premium to their yearly payments, which can be pretty costly if you’re not careful!

How do I file Texas Surplus Lines Tax?

Surplus lines brokers are required to file an annual Texas Surplus Lines Tax report with the SLTX. First, they must provide a copy of each surplus insurance contract set forth in Section 981.213 of the Texas Insurance Code and audited for compliance upon receipt by mail or through their website (SLTX).

What is a special lines broker?

The Special Lines' Surplus Line Broker is responsible for placing insurance against perils on the following: Insurance against hazards of navigation, transit or transportation upon hulls, freights and disbursements.

Where does surplus line tax go?

Surplus lines tax is a necessary evil that all insurance agents have to deal with, but it doesn't need to be. The NRRA generally requires surplus line premiums collected in one state and paid out of the same source for another state to go back home where they came from (the “home” or domicile).

Surplus line broker solicit and place insurance for a home state?

Surplus line brokers are required to submit reports on all insurance for a home state insured with a nonadmitted insurer within 60 days of placing the coverage. See a FL – Talent Agency ($5,000) Bond.

What is a surplus line broker bond?

A surplus lines broker bond is a type of license and permit surety bond that protects the state from fraudulent activity by an insurance broker. The obligee in this situation is usually the state authority imposing these types of bonds, which typically needs to be met before you can do business within their borders.