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What is a Lumber Liquidators, Inc. Installation Provider Bond?

The Lumber Liquidators, Inc. installation provider bond is required if you are joining their program as an Installation Provider. The purpose of this surety bond is to make sure that you will comply with the conditions in your signed agreement and adhere to local and state laws pertaining to what work needs done.

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How does a Lumber Liquidators, Inc. Installation Provider Bond work?

A Lumber Liquidators, Inc. Installation Provider Bond is a legal agreement among these three parties: Principal – The person applying as an installation provider Obligee – Lumber Liquidators, Inc. Surety – the surety bond company that will issue this bond

Who do Lumber Liquidators use for installation?

Lumber Liquidators has a terrible contractor for installation. They are notorious for scheduling their appointments during the busiest times and then having you wait around all day. I would never trust them again after they scheduled our install when we're trying to get ready for Christmas, with no other available time slots in between!

Are Lumber Liquidators installers?

Lumber Liquidators offer installation as a part of their package, and they are not the only ones. Both Lumber Liquidators retail locations have Floor & Décor that also specialize in hard surface flooring (meaning no carpet). The stores both offer installation services for competitive prices.

Do Lumber Liquidators install carpet?

The Lumber Liquidators installation service removes old carpet, pulls out sharp tack strips and installs hardwood. They'll haul all the trash away for you when they're done installing!

Do Lumber Liquidators install hardwood floors?

We can make your dreams come true! We just completed having hardwood flooring installed in all of the rooms upstairs, plus the staircase and a bedroom downstairs.

Is it safe to buy from Lumber Liquidators?

The formaldehyde that is released from laminate flooring sold at Lumber Liquidators® could cause irritation and breathing problems. It can also be reduced by taking certain steps when you're constructing or remodeling your home, such as sealing insulation with a sealant tape to keep the fumes down in the air.

Are Lumber Liquidators good quality?

Let's face it, Lumber Liquidators is great. I purchased oak flooring from them and was very pleased with the quality of their product; after all, they've got you covered when it comes to your home improvement needs! Get a Margate, FL – Performance – Site Improvement Bond.

Do Lumber Liquidators do installation?

Lumber Liquidators offers peace of mind from start to finish. You can select your new floor at one of our 400 stores nationwide and have a team dedicated to installation, or choose an independent contractor for the job.

Lumber Liquidators Inc Installation Provider Bond - Carpeter or contractor installing new lumber floor in a room.

How much does Lumber Liquidators charge to install hardwood floors?

Lumber Liquidators pricing for flooring is available at various price points, all starting with the lowest option that starts as low as $1.59 per square foot and can go up from there depending on what you need your new wood flooring for!

How does Lumber Liquidators wood come from?

Lumber Liquidators is a company, but much of its laminate flooring is made in China. In our investigation we found that the laminates may fail to meet health and safety standards because they contain high levels of formaldehyde-a known cancer causing chemical.

Are Lumber Liquidators good quality?

But, overall, I think Lumber Liquidators does pretty good. In terms of the quality of their oak flooring though and based on my selection from them which was awesome; they're a great choice for your wood needs!

How much does it cost to install 1000 square feet of hardwood floors? 

On average, the price for installing wood flooring ranges from $3 and up. If someone wanted to know exactly how much a project like this would run them within reason they should be ready with their own measurements so that we can give an accurate estimate.

What is the cheapest flooring to have installed?

If you're looking for a realistic hardwood or stone alternative, plank vinyl is the cheapest choice. The installation process will be easier since it comes in small sizes and planks have an appealing look that rivals the expensive flooring options available on today's market.

How much will it cost to install your new laminate floors?

Laminate is a popular choice for flooring because of its durability, low maintenance and affordability. But how much does it really cost to have 1,000 square feet installed? The answer depends on the quality you choose as well as whether or not you plan on doing some DIY installation work!

Do Lumber Liquidators still sell Chinese flooring?

Lumber Liquidators has been on the hot seat since it was revealed that they still sell Chinese laminate flooring. The company made $13.9 million from such sales, but decided to stop using one supplier because of formaldehyde concerns back in 2015.

What did Lumber Liquidators get in trouble for?

Lumber Liquidators is the one that got caught with their hands dirty. They can now pay fines of up to $2.5 million and agree to destroy 22 million board feet of flooring they pulled from shelves after a 60 Minutes report was released last year found “low-quality” wood on sale at Home Depot, Lowe's and other retailers across America!

Do Lumber Liquidators make their own flooring?

Lumber Liquidators Flooring is a company that sells hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl plank floors and more. They are also known for their exclusive variety of bamboo products like the latest trend in “Bamboo Engineered Floors.”

What is Lumber Liquidators new name?

Lumber Liquidators, after years of legal troubles over toxic Chinese-made laminate flooring and settlement agreements with the federal government has officially changed its name to LL Flooring. Need a Manatee County, FL – Pawnbroker Bond.

Why did Lumber Liquidators change their name?

Lumber Liquidators changed their name in order to better represent the company and its values. They are now LL Flooring, which is a simple yet meaningful representation of who they are as an organization.

Is Lumber Liquidators vinyl flooring safe?

Lumber Liquidators has taken steps to ensure its customers are buying safe vinyl flooring. In September, the company required suppliers of all products to eliminate ortho-phthalates in their manufacturing process and agreed that they will regularly commission independent laboratories for testing purposes as well.

What do Lumber Liquidators sell?

Lumber Liquidators sells a range of flooring options for any living space. For hardwood floors, customers can choose from engineered wood or laminate with luxurious vinyl plank as an option too. Lumber Liquidator also carries tile and cork in addition to installation materials like nails, glue, brushes and more!

Is LL flooring good?

LL Flooring is a popular choice for people looking to make their home feel like new. LL flooring offers high quality products at affordable prices, making them perfect for those on a budget who still want the best.

Do Lumber Liquidators give a military discount?

Lumber Liquidators is a hardwood flooring store that offers an impressive military discount to those who serve. They offer this deal in order to give back for the sacrifices made by service members and their families, as well as show appreciation of all they do on behalf of our country.

Do Lumber Liquidators still have Formaldehyde?

Lumber Liquidators, the company that sells imported Chinese-made laminate flooring at bargain prices to Americans has been under scrutiny for years. The CBS's 60 Minutes investigation in 2015 found unsafe levels of formaldehyde on Lumber Liquadator's samples and now it is up to you whether or not this will change your mind about who you purchase from!

Do Lumber Liquidators sell laminate flooring?

Lumber Liquidators has the latest styles of water-resistant laminate flooring in stock, perfect for those who want to get out from under their old carpet and welcome a new look with natural beauty. Read a Manatee, FL – Cement Contractor Bond.

Why is lumber so expensive?

Wood prices have skyrocketed this summer. The demand for lumber and plywood has been sky high ever since the bird flu pandemic hit, leaving many homeowners stuck at home unable to vacation in fear of getting sick from a mosquito bite or anything else they come into contact with while out traveling.

Can you return flooring to Lumber Liquidators?

Lumber Liquidators will not return your flooring if it was purchased more than 90 days ago or has a receipt, is an opened box, special order, close-out product. The company does offer exchanges for products that the customer received defective and we recommend you have someone there with help when picking up heavy items to load into their vehicle.

Where do Lumber Liquidators get their wood?

Lumber Liquidators has been sourcing its products from overseas for years and, as of 2018, 47% were manufactured in China. Lumber Liquidators low prices are partially because it sources wood internationally at a small fraction the cost of domestically sourced timber.

Will Lumber Liquidators negotiate price?

Lumber Liquidators attempts to provide customers with the best quality at a fair price. The company does this by negotiating directly with wood mills and eliminating middlemen, thus lowering prices for their customers. If you find an even lower priced item elsewhere, Lumber Liquidator will not only match it but beat it!

Which is better: laminate or vinyl?

Laminates and vinyls are both excellent flooring options. Vinyl is preferable for lasting durability, water resistance, and lower costs while laminate creates a more stylish appearance with comfort underfoot.

Did Lumber Liquidators get bought out?

Lumber Liquidators tumbles after founder shelves buyout and sells shares for a quick profit. Thomas Sullivan, the company's original owner, had upped his ownership of Lumber Liquidators by 30% or 500,000 shares on Sept 4 through this investment firm F9 Investments.

Can I return unused flooring?

If you are not completely satisfied with your store or online purchase, simply return the merchandise to any Floor & Decor within 90 days of purchase. With a valid sales receipt and photo ID we will refund all purchases! See a Maitland, FL – Contractor License Bond.

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