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Private Eye Bond – Detective Agency Bond

Private Eye Bond – Detective Agency Bond - The banner shows a private detective with a wood cigar and a three person discussing bout the images in a room with a colored dark blue as background.

What is a Private Eye/Detective Agency Bond?

Dick Tracy, move over, it's a new world.  Instead of just opening up a private detective shop in the basement, many municipalities require a bond.  This keeps private eyes on the up and up and within the bounds of the law.  Well, at least as much as possible.

To get a Private Detective Agency Bond for your state, just click on the appropriate Purchase Now button in the table below to see the premium for the bond and on-line application form. If you need a bond in a state that is not listed, email [email protected] or call (979) 314-2999 for immediate assistance.


Performance bond - Sample document of a Performance bond in a white colored paper.

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