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Defective Title Bond

Defective Title Bond - A guy inside a car and showing his key with a dark blud and yellow colors around it.

What is a Defective Title Bond?

When selling a vehicle, most people just simply pass title.  However, in certain circumstances, the title has been lost or there is some other problem.  In these cases, the state will transfer title, but only if a bond is issued.  That way, the buyer can be assured that there is not a defective title and will therefore transfer title.

How much does a title bond cost?

A defective title bond is $100 for cars that cost less than $6,000.  For those that cost more than that, the cost is generally 1.5% of the value of the vehicle.

To get a Defective Title Bond, just click on the link for your specific state below:

Alaska lost title bond

Connecticut Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Bond

Georgia Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Bond

Illinois Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title

Michigan Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title (Vehicle Uniform)

Minnesota – Ownership and Security Interest (Lost Title)

Missouri – Motor Vehicle Title Service ($25,000)

New Mexico – Vehicle Title Service Company ($30,000)

Ohio Vehicle Title Defect Bond

Texas Lost Title Bond

WI – Motor Vehicle Lost Title

 Defective Title Bond

A California Defective Title Surety Bond is a bond that protects the owner of a vehicle against a lost or stolen vehicle title.  The state requires the bond in case the original car title is found or if there is a claim against the title.

How much does a defective title bond cost in California?

A defective title bond costs $100 for cars that cost less than $100.  In California, the cost is 1.5-2.0% of the cost of the vehicle for cars that cost more than $6,000.  For cars that cost more than $25,000, we try and get a cheaper price than the 1.5%.

Certificate of Title Surety Bond

A certificate of title surety bond is just another name for a defective title bond.  These bonds are most often issues in California and Minnesota, but can be required in most states when the original title to a vehicle is unable to be found.

Defective Title Surety Bond – Lost Title Bonds

The Lost Title bonds are those bonds that protect against a lost title.  For barn finds, these are pretty common and we see them pretty often in probate estates.

Click for surety bond application

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Arizona Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Bond

Texas Certificate of Title Bond

Alabama Certificate of Title Bond

Missouri Certificate of Title Bond

Kansas Lost Title Bond

Performance bond - Sample document of a Performance bond in a white colored paper.

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