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What is Texas Solicitor Bond?

Public Safety Organization, Independent Promoter or Public Safety Publication Solicitors Bonds are required for those engaged in the business of solicitation in Texas. The state has two types of these surety bonds that may be necessary depending on what type you're engaging with; one is a “Public safety organization” bond and the other an “Independent promoter” bond.

Need a City of Tomball, TX-Solicitor ($1,000.00) Bond?

A solicitor bond is an insurance policy that guarantees the city will be repaid if you break any laws while soliciting within the city limits. This includes but is not limited to solicitation without a permit or violating solicitation hours.

If you are interested in doing business with the City of Tomball, TX please contact our office at (913) 214-8344 to obtain your Solicitor Bond ($1,000.00). We look forward to hearing from you soon! Read about El Paso Blanket Building & Construction ($25,000) Bond.

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How much does a solicitor bond cost in Texas?

You must post $1,000 surety bonds to legally operate within the state. This is subject underwriting so your price will depend on review of your personal credit report. Get a Dallas Paving Bond.

Why do I need this bond?

It's because Texas public safety organizations, independent promoter or public safety publication solicitors are required to have a license and conduct business in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 1803 of the Texas Occupations Code. Here's a El Paso Blanket Building & Construction ($10,000) Bond.

How can I obtain a Solicitor’s Bond?

Swiftbonds can help. We will ask you to apply for the said bond and once approved, we'll start with the pre-qualification process which includes assessing your financial history and credit score. Once qualified, our expert underwriters will execute that bond and send it right to you! In need of Fort Bend Oversize, Overweight, Overlength, and Overnight Loads Bond

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