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What is City of Beaumont Driveway and Sidewalk Contractors Bond?

The city of Beaumont, Texas has a strict requirement for contractors. To be issued a permit for contracted work in the area, one must make sure that they have executed their City of Beaumont Driveway and Sidewalk Contractors Bond before beginning any such projects within these boundaries; refer to Section 6-4 of The Code Of Ordinance In order to receive more information about this process. Get a Texas Money Transmitter Bond.

Do you need a Driveway and Sidewalk Contractors Bond?

The City of Beaumont requires that all contractors doing work on driveways and sidewalks must post a bond with the city in order to be eligible to bid. Check this Texas Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond.

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Why is this bond required? 

It's important for businesses to file a bond with the City of Beaumont when they activate their license. The $5,000 will protect you and your customers in case anything should go wrong – if one of these licensed business breaks licensing law then it is up to the surety company (the person who pays) to pay any damages that are owed! Read about Texas Liquor Tax Bond.

Why do I need this Bond?

The Texas (City of Beaumont) Driveway & Sidewalk Contractors Bond is a surety bond that protects the party requesting it, Obligee, against any financial losses as result of poor business decisions. It holds you accountable for your own actions and promises to follow state and local laws in execution of duties. Find a Texas Medicaid Provider Bond.

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