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What is Overweight Vehicle Bond?

Oversize and overweight vehicles require permits from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. These are obtained by first obtaining a surety bond, which will cover any damages done to roadways caused by these oversized or overweight vehicles .

Your commercial vehicle is protected when you have a surety bond. If your truck or car damages someone's property, the Texas Department of Transportation will file their claim against your bond and receive payment for those damages from it. This type of bonding requirement applies to counties such as in order to ensure that people are compensated if they sustain injuries while on public roads. Find a San Antonio Sidewalk, Curbs, and Gutters License Bond.

Are you looking for a bond to cover overweight vehicles?

This is an over-weight vehicle bond that covers the cost of transporting overweight vehicles. It can be used by Chambers County, TX residents and it costs $15,000.

If you need this type of coverage, then buy your bond today!

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Cost of Overweight Vehicle Bond?

When a bond is required, the cost can be affordable without needing to perform a credit check. In such cases, the cost would usually not exceed 1% of the amount that was requested as collateral for your permit and this could depend on factors like business reliability or the carrier's history with issuing bonds. Here's a Odessa Secondhand Goods Dealers Bond.

Are there limitations of overweight bonds?

There are a few limitations imposed on the usage of overweight bonds, including that any bridges which have weight limits cannot be crossed by carriers even when an overweight bond has been purchased. The exception to this is if the affected route provides only one way of reaching your destination.

The second limitation of Texas is that you can choose which counties your vehicle will travel through but not pay for all the contiguous county's road maintenance fees. Roads on Interstate TX highways are maintained by the federal government rather than any state or local agency, so those roads would be exempt from payment for oversize permits in a transaction online. Read about Montgomery Overweight or Oversize Vehicle Bond.

Who needs to purchase the Texas oversize overweight permits? 

The purchase of a Texas oversize bond is required for any company that operates on the state roadways. The bond secures payment to TxDOT in case damage occurs during operation, per Chapter 623.011 of the Transportation Code – which dictates who must buy this type of permit and why it's needed

Remember to get a surety bond before you start operating your trucking business. If the Texas DOT decides they want their money back, that's when it gets complicated; but as long as you have one of these bonds in effect and don't default on them, then there should be nothing to worry about! Get a South Houston Peddlers & Solicitors Bond.

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