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Cemetery Licensee Bond

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What is a cemetery licensee bond?

Certain states require a cemetery to have a license bond.  This bond makes sure that the cemetery operators will abide by the rules and regulations within that state. Here is a list of states that presently require this bond.

California – California Cemetery Brokers Bond ($10,000)
Georgia – Georgia Cemetery Merchandise Dealer Bond $10,000
Georgia – Georgia Cemetery Merchandise Dealer Bond $25,000
Illinois – Illinois Cemetery Care Act Bond
Nevada – Nevada Cemetery Seller Bond $50,000
Oklahoma – Oklahoma Prepaid Cemetery Merchandise Contracts Bond
Tennessee – Tennessee Cemetery Company Bond

To get a Cemetery Licensee Bond for your state, just click on appropriate Purchase Now button in the table below to see the premium for the bond and on-line application form. If you need a bond in a state that is not listed, email mike@swiftbonds.com or call (979) 314-2999 for immediate assistance.

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What is a Cemetery Bond?

In certain states, the local government will require that a cemetery operator to get a bond in order to get the required permits. The ratoinale behind this requirement is that there is a high level of scrutiny by families of the deceased that are interred within a cemetery. Thus, governments require a bond to provide a measure of protection for those that provide cemetery services. The bond also assures that the owner of the property will keep it well maintained and not be an eyesore to the community, which also ensures that relatives of the deceased won't complain to the local municipality.

What is a Cemetery Permit Bond in Maine?

In addition to the general requirement for a surety bond, the state of Maine is one where a cemetery permit bond is required. Maine has been progressive throughout the years in its requirements for the cemetery industry and this type of permit bond.

In Maine, the state has decided that it wants to protect its consumers against fraud and other operators of cemeteries. Cemetery operators are those who offer to sell or buy leases, lists, offers to lease or those who negotiate or solicit, the sale, purchase, or lease of interment or cemetary services.

What is a California Cemetery Brokers Bond?

The State of California has a requirement for a surety permit bond for all of its cemetery brokers in order to perform the duties of a cemetery operator. Each cemetery broker must go out and get a Cemetery Broker License Surety Bond with a face value of $10,000.00.

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