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What is Arizona Public Service Company Utility Deposit Bond

Arizona Public Service provides a bond guarantee for utility services in the event that an individual or business defaults on their contract with these utilities. This ensures payment to those who have paid into this system and they can continue paying uninterrupted service without any worries of nonpayment, as long as they pay off what is owed each month.

You need to pay a deposit for your utility service.

The Utility Deposit Bond is an easy and affordable way to get the money you need for your deposit.

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Why Is the Utility Deposit Bond Required?

The utility deposit bond, or “utility hold” as it's sometimes called, is usually enforced when you have habitually late payments. Basically this means that companies will use a holding to protect themselves against being cheated by customers who are habitual offenders of missing monthly bills and paying on time.

What Does a Utility Deposit Bond Do?

A Utility Deposit Bond is a bond that guarantees payment of the amounts due for utilities used at locations. It protects Utilities by guaranteeing up to the amount of money in a given place, and when put into use it will protect your business from possibly going under because you can't pay utility bills. 

The Surety behind these bonds pays any outstanding balance owed on utilities if there are no other means available- meaning they want their customers happy and satisfied with services rendered! They also don't like letting down companies who need them most as well; so this should show what an honorable company they really are deep inside – always looking out for those who matter more than anyone else!

Who Needs Them?

Are you a business that is projected to have high energy bills, like factories and restaurants? If so, then the utility company might require your company to post an upfront security deposit called a “utility bond”. Utility companies want this because they don't know whether or not businesses will pay their electric bill. This can be especially true for start-up's with no history of paying power utilities!

What Do They Cost?

The annual premium for a surety bond will vary depending on what it's being used to secure, as well as other factors like your credit score and financial standing.

Does APS require a deposit?

New customers are required to pay a security deposit when establishing an account with APS, depending on their credit score. To maintain a satisfactory credit score and avoid being in need of extra money or paying additional fees, payments must be received by the due dates printed on your bills.

Utility Deposit Bond - Coal powered power plant near wheat field area.

How Is the Utility Deposit Bond Limit Calculated?

So, how is the utility deposit bond limit calculated? Well to be honest, it can vary from company-to-company. However an average range for a bond might be one month's worth of payments up to 2.5 times that amount; so if you're paying $150 in utilities every month then your credit could fall between $1 and 3 months' worth of funds depending on which type of service they provide! Get a Arizona Notary Public Bond.

What causes electricity prices to be so high in the summer?

APS often charge more for kilowatt-hours of power during the hot months. This is because they have a higher demand from air conditioners, and less supply on hand when needing to buy it off other utilities. Read about Arizona Motor Vehicle Third Party (Towing) Bond.

Why is my APS bill so high?

In Arizona, temperatures are especially hot in the summer. Your energy usage can increase by 50% just from April through June! It doesn't matter if you don't change your thermostat setting–air conditioners run longer when it's hotter out because they need to cool down all that extra heat. 

What are public utility bonds?

A utility revenue bond is a type of municipal bond issued to finance a public utility project that repays investors from the earnings generated by these projects. These bonds are often net-revenue pledges which ensure repayment in full, without any risk to the investor. Find a Arizona Motor Vehicle Third Party (Title/Registration/Motor Carrier/Tax Reporting) Bond.

Does APS have an app?

Arizona Public Service (APS) now has a mobile application! Simply download the app to have quick and easy access to your account. Here's Arizona Motor Vehicle Third Party (Driver License Providers) Bond.

Learn more about utility surety bond.

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