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Our friends at Fall Protection Blog have posted a nice article on how to spot risk and stay alive.  John Braun does a good job on outlining some of the major steps in risk detection.  I really liked the parts about common sense as, well, it's not really all that common.


A safety professional may read the title of this article and feel it’s child’s play. How could somebody not know how to look for risk? That same safety professional may even be tempted to use a phrase that I cannot stand: common sense. I once heard a speaker explain that common sense is a learned phenomenon. We cull the experiences of our life and, from them, develop our so-called common sense. This is very true. If I spent my entire career reaching into a machine that wasn’t locked-out and nothing happened to me, I may believe that doing so was safe. This is the experience that develops my common sense.

See more at their blog here.


Thanks John.  We really appreciate the advice.


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