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Here is a nice post from our friends at California Construction Law Blog. I think that it embodies what we all really care about.

You can find it here.

Kindness When You Least Expect It
by Garret Murai

The article below was published in the San Francisco Chronicle this past week.

The story was submitted by Kathy DeBoever, a staff member of our firm and an extremely nice lady, and relates what she and her daughter saw while at Peet's Coffee in our office building.

The Treat Was on the Oakland Officers

Leah Garchik

Published 2:33 pm, Tuesday, December 17, 2013

K.S.D. was with her daughter at a Peet's in Oakland the other night, and they noticed a boy who took a disposable cup and began filling it with honey and cream and "anything else he could find on the caddy" of beverage-friendly condiments. Two Oakland police officers came in and seemed to be watching the boy. When K.S.D. caught the eye of one of them, he smiled at her, as if to let her know that everything was fine.

One officer approached the boy and spoke to him, softly. "He asked how the boy's day had gone, how was school, etc. Then the officer commented on the concoction the boy had made, saying it didn't look very healthy. . . .

"The officer took the boy over to the counter and said to choose anything and everything that he wanted. The boy walked away with a full bag" and quickly began to devour its contents. "The officer also handed him a large bottle of water, told him to take care of himself and to enjoy the rest of the day."

And may you, too, go with grace and food.

Happy holidays to all of you.

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