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The importance of not giving up

The Principle As business people, we often try to cajole, intimidate and otherwise implore our employees, co-workers and anybody else that we have a relationship with to not give up.  That is, we really want everyone to try their hardest, until the last possible moment.  That way, they can squeeze every ounce of productivity and […]

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Getting a clinical cannabis bond in Colorado

Colorado made news this year by legislating the use of cannabis for entertainment purposes as well as for medical usage. What is taking place now that both recreational and medical marijuana use is legal? For one point, recreational marijuana usage will be much a lot more heavily exhausted regulated compared to clinical cannabis.  One of […]

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Update on Florida’s Medical Marijuana law

Medical Marijuana law Private entrepreneurs are moving much quicker compared to state government in getting ready for the probability that citizens will authorize using marijuana for restricted medical functions in November. There are genuine problems concerning how medical cannabis would certainly be regulated that are currently not addressed by the constitutional amendment and will probably […]

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How Fidelity Bonds are Underwritten

How Bonds are Underwritten Part I Yesterday, we posted a short article on the difference between a surety bond and a fidelity bond.  One question that is consistently asked is this: how is a bond underwritten?  Today, we’ll focus on how a fidelity bond is underwritten. As you may recall, a fidelity bond provides protection […]

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Google’s Floating Mystery Boxes

Floating Boxes Garrett Murai has posted about the quite peculiar story that is the Google floating boxes outside of San Francisco, uh, I mean, Stockton.  What’s going on Google? Here you go: It was moored quietly in the Bay. But when a four story structure made up of shipping containers was erected, questions began to […]

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Bonds and fraud – not the best combination

Former Jefferies Group trader Jesse Litvak was found guilty of defrauding clients on mortgage bond trades.  This was a large victory for the government as its investigation into the big banks in the years after the financial crisis has finally found some guilty parties. Mr. Litvak was found guilty on all 15 counts he faced. […]

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