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Bonds and Infrastructure

Over the last several years, municipalities have been selling bonds as fast as they can.  These bond sales have been used to pay down existing debt or create new projects.  What we haven’t seen a rebound in is for infrastructure projects.  Nobody likes to repair a bridge.  It’s not sexy and nobody can see the […]

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On-Demand Performance Bonds

We get a LOT of questions about Performance Bonds (we are the experts, after all).  These questions tend to centralize around the two types of performance bonds – contract contingent performance bonds, and on-demand performance bonds.  In the international arena, there are a lot of on-demand performance bonds that are required.  These bonds are just […]

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On-Demand Performance Bond Clauses

On Demand Performance Bonds We are constantly getting a lot of questions about performance bonds.  This is especially true for foreign operations and how they operate.  In certain countries (like the Middle East), the performance bonds are really on-demand performance bonds.  That is, they are really a financial guarantee and not a “true” performance bond. […]

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Forging a bid bond – not the best idea

Katrina Styx has posted a nice article on a company that forged a bid bond, which you can find at: Bid Bond Documents Forged RSI Associates, a Prior Lake company, was removed from the project after it was discovered that certain construction documents had been forged. When valid, the documents provide a sort of insurance […]

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