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Oregon Revised its Law For Contractor’s License Bonds

Any contractors that are doing restoration work on either small commercial buildings or residential structures that are harmed by natural disasters or man-made causes are subject to the new rules for license bonds. See more at our Tumblr page. See more at our WordPress page. House Bill 2977 (2013 Or Laws Ch 584) created a new classification […]

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Visiting our back yard

Below is an article from the Packer regarding a PACA surety bond.  What’s interesting about this article is that it references a local company, associated wholesale grocers.  It’s only a few miles from our office and I personally know a bunch of the people working there.   It appears that one of their affiliates, DGS […]

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Surety Bonds and Work Stoppage

Below is an article that outlines what happens when a construction project is stopped due to problems by a general contractor.  The project was significant ($32 million) and the county was unhappy with the contractor’s work (the article also talks about how the contractor was not paying subcontractors – which would lead to a whole […]

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Invitation to Bid –

Below is an invitation to bid for the state of Washington’s Samaritan Healthcare. It’s for the Emergency Center’s remodeling in Moses Lake. In accordance with Title 70, Chapter 44, Section 140 of the Revised Code for the State of Washington, Samaritan Healthcare hereby gives public notice of the need for materials and work for […]

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Man arrested for forging surety bonds

You know, it doesn’t seem to matter where people live, there is always someone running around doing things the wrong way.  Below is a great example of that.  Here, we had someone going around filling out false affidavits and getting surety bonds that were purely fraudulent. These bonds were used in court proceedings and were […]

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