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Google’s Floating Mystery Boxes

Garrett Murai has posted about the quite peculiar story that is the Google floating boxes outside of San Francisco, uh, I mean, Stockton.  What’s going on Google? Here you go: It was moored quietly in the Bay. But when a four story structure made up of shipping containers was erected, questions began to be asked. […]

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Bonds and fraud – not the best combination

Former Jefferies Group trader Jesse Litvak was found guilty of defrauding clients on mortgage bond trades.  This was a large victory for the government as its investigation into the big banks in the years after the financial crisis has finally found some guilty parties. Mr. Litvak was found guilty on all 15 counts he faced. […]

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Treasurys (30-year bond rates) rally

The current situation in Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula has helped force a flight to safety, which has lowered the yields on most United States Treasury bills and bonds. Thus, the 10-year Treasury note yield has hit a low of 2.592% with the 30-year bond yield falling to 3.554% and the 5-year note yield sinking to 1.458%. […]

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Fairfield, CT seeking bids for culvert on East Lake Brook

The Town of New Fairfield, Connecticut is seeking sealed bids for furnishing all labor, tools, materials and equipment required for the replacement of existing culvert over East Lake Brook with a reinforced concrete pipe culvert and reconstruction and repairing approximately 300 feet of Indian Hill Road. The project will also include drainage work. Bids will […]

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California Building Energy Efficiency Standards Delayed to July 1, 2014

by Garret Murai The California Contractors State License Board (“CSLB”) has issued an Industry Bulletin providing further information regarding the delayed implementation of the California Building Energy Efficiency Standards which has been delayed from January 1, 2014 to July 1, 2014: Read the rest here about the CSLB implementation that was delayed. Thanks a bunch, […]

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Invitation to Bid – Bloomfield Hills Schools

INVITATION TO BID – BID NO. C1402 – DISTRICTWIDE RENOVATIONS SINKING FUND 2014 FOR BLOOMFIELD HILLS SCHOOLS The Bloomfield Hills Board of Education (“Owner”) will receive firm, sealed Bid Proposals for all labor, materials, equipment and all other services to complete Bloomfield Hills Schools Districtwide Renovations. Bid Documents can be obtained on or after February […]

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Bankruptcy on the Construction Project – the big “B”

California Construction blog has a new post on bankruptcy, which reminds us of our previous posts on the Detroit Bankruptcy. In Part 1, we briefly discussed the Detroit Bankruptcy and the need to review how contractors were getting paid.  In Part 2, we discussed what effect a direct payment from a failing municipality has on a contractor. […]

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